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nvidia forceware 66.93 in an archive (reduce size)


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everything is the same except there are 2 new files that you should have and those are:

NvColor.ex_ (NvColor.exe)

Actually there are '4' NEW files, they are

NvColor.ex_ (NvColor.exe)
Nvhwvid.dl_ (Nvhwvid.dll)

There are '2' files, nvtsext.dll & nvids.cfg that are no longer there.

By the way how does one recompress the driver after using the prathapml cleanup method?

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LOL Sanjay, how many violations can you commit?

1. double post

2. double not-search

3. post in a topic, asking a question that is replied in the FIRST POST? Yes, that's right, the reducing of size hasn't changed a bit. If you were unsure about that, that should be the only question I saw here!

Please try to do your best more next time! ;)

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6. Now compress the same thing (as a collective set of drivers) and you'll be surprised to see total size reduced!

hmmm, into what format, and how windows would read them, should I leave the compressed file here(except foe the other files):


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If you want them readable by Windows by default, you should RECAB them, i.e. reapply the compression you've just made undone...

With some extra work you can uncompress them from an other archive, preferably that would be 7-zip compression: it has the best compression ratio. (unless you're going the UHARC path, but that will take too long to (de)compress!)

Check the Sticky 'SOLVED: Drivers from CD' in this forum for info on how to accomplish that! ;)

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I am trying to prepare my nVidia forceware for an unattended install. MSFN and its forums have been so useful and I am grateful for these resources as I have learned so much by reading the MSFN articles and the posts in the forums. This thread in particular has been of much help, and yet I find myself confused about compression. I am sure that someone here can help me and I hope he or she will be kind enough to take a bit of time to explain to me where I am going wrong.

I am working on the 56.72 drivers. After I used WinRAR to extract the files from the .exe, I used prathapml's code (thank you, prathapml!) to rectify the nVidia compression idiocy. After executing this code I ended up with 41 files occupying 22.2 MB, as expected.

Now, I know I have to compress some files in order to proceed with my unattended install preparations, but this is where I am having some trouble. I understand the concept, but unfortunately not the method. I have searched these forums (and the internet) but I still can't quite grasp which files I need to compress or how I should compress them. I am basically having the same problem as maniaq, and I'm sorry to say that after reading Bâshrat the Sneaky's response I am still perplexed.

Since I am running WinXP I think I need to .cab them. svasutin was kind enough to post mkCabs.zip, which will allow me to .cab the files, but the problem is I don't know what I should be compressing! hp38guser's compress.cmd also seems applicable so I ran it within the nVidia directory and ended up with 15 files occupying 5.50 MB. Are these the only files I need, or should I move these files back to the main folder with the original files and use all of them? I still think I have to .cab something... I've tried to find the answer on my own but I just don't understand this final step. Please help me; I am lost.

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Bâshrat the Sneaky, thank you for responding so quickly to my post! :D I don't need a higher compression ratio; I just wasn't sure if the 15 files I ended up with after running compress.cmd were all I needed for an unattended install of the nVidia driver. After running compress.cmd I have the following files:
















I'm sorry to ask for further clarification, but I'm still a little confused. I know the .inf file is the key file here but prathapml posted earlier in this thread that modes.txt and nvapps.xml are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the driver's control panel. Those files are no longer present after running compress.cmd. Should I take these 15 files, place them back into the original directory with the other 41 files and delete their corresponding files --- i.e. delete nv4_disp.dll and nv4_mini.sys and replace them with nv4_disp.dl_ and nv4_mini.sy_, respectively --- or are these 15 really all that I need? :wacko:

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I'm using hp38guser's May 3rd release of compress.cmd and I'm working with the nVidia Forceware 56.72 drivers.

After I run compress.cmd a 5.50 MB subdirectory is created which contains 15 files. I know that the compressor tool is designed to copy the files to a subdirectory but I only end up with 15 files after compression. The Driver Compressor Tool makes the following changes:

nv4_disp.inf ----------> no change

NV4_DISP.CAT ------> no change

nv4_mini.sys ---------> nv4_mini.sy_

nvinstnt.dll -----------> nvinstnt.dl_

nvcod.dll -------------> nvcod.dl_

nvsvc32.exe ---------> nvsvc32.ex_

nv4_disp.dll ----------> nv4_disp.dl_

nvoglnt.dll ------------> nvoglnt.dl_

nvcpl.dll --------------> nvcpl.dl_

nvmctray.dll ---------> nvmctray.dl_

nvcpl.hlp -------------> nvcpl.hl_

nvwddi.dll ------------> nvwddi.dl_

nvwdmcpl.dll --------> nvwdmcpl.dl_

nvnt4cpl.dll ----------> nvnt4cpl.dl_

nvwcplen.hlp --------> nvwcplen.hl_

It does not, however, compress any of the following files:



























I would try another method of compression instead of compress.cmd if I only knew what was in data1.cab and data2.cab in the first place! The problem is that when I try to open either one of them I get the error message "the archive is either in unknown format or damaged". When I try to extract them with WinRAR I get "no archives found".

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Andromeda, my compression method sorts out the files which are required by Windows for installation of the display driver. All the rest of the nVidia bloat is not required to run games or to use dualview. Hack, why was I using nLite :P

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