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Floppy Disks, gone or completely forgotten?


Who still uses Floppy Discs?  

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  1. 1. Who still uses Floppy Discs?

    • I still use 'em.
    • I still keep a drive in my PC but very rarely use it.
    • Don't use them any more.
    • What's a Floppy Disc?

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You can't kill a floppy drive. When your CD-Rom won't boot and your Hard Drive won't boot, the only thing that's garanteed to boot everytime is your Floppy.

Also, unless you slipstream your drivers, a floppy is absolutely necessary when installed text-mode setup drivers for RAID and SATA.

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i wish they would disappear and never return!!!

its the stinking old folks!!!, every time i go to help someone its almost mandatory they have a floppy drive because the still don't know how to use a cdr cdrw dvdr dvdrw and the pc is prolly not new enough to have usb ports.

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Did not come with my Acer Notebook, and I've never been happier; for over a year now. :wub:

post-57434-1136314183_thumb.jpg <<- Operating equipment without a FLOPPY :)

If I get another desktop, I don't want a floppy. Have BIOS boot from C: to speed up, but can just press F2 and change to DVD-CDRW to boot if required.

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I've noticed no one likes floppies until they get a problem! and personally i find it highly annoying diggign around for a floppy drive, or taking one out of another computer because the computer that has a problem doesn't have a floppy drive...

for £3 its not exactly a huge loss, but it does help a great deal in certain situations

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