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Windows Media Player 10 Unattended


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Yeah, if you're anyway are going to use WMP - whether v9, or upgrading to v10 - it is no need to set WMPOCM=off. You can simply install WMP10 and and it will replace v9.

Use the WMPOCM=off only if you hate WMP and don't want it to be accessed.

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Also, I installed WMP10 this morning silently. Is there a command line option in order to put the QuickStart icon in the QuickStart menu immediately after install like the prompted version does?

dcromwell, dude i installed with this command line:

start /wait MP10Setup.exe /q:A /c:"setup_wm.exe /Q /R:N /DisallowSystemRestore"

and it placed a quick lunch icon.

prathapml, in dummy language that means that wmp9 will be there... just no links and stuff for acessing it?

Did it place the icon in the Quick Launch bar immediately, or did you have to run the program first and then go through the setup?

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Did it place the icon in the Quick Launch bar immediately, or did you have to run the program first and then go through the setup?

thats a very good question, sorry i cannot answer you, because i install it silently and tested it imediatly. Maybe it was after run it for the first time, but it was there :)

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As I learn from bitmonster here is a small guide how to create your own silent install package:

  • Get the WMP10 package and put it in some folder.
  • Get 7-Zip and install it. Open up the folder where 7-zip has installed itself to and grab the 7za.exe and 7zS.sfx files and copy them to your folder. You can deinstall 7-Zip now if you want.
  • Get the UPX-package (Win32 console version), unpack it and copy the upx.exe to your folder
  • Make a new batch-file in your folder, name it wmp10.bat and paste the following text into it:

SET TmpDir=%~dp0tmp
CD "%~p0"

SET Target=mp10setup
MD "%TmpDir%"
START /wait %Target%.exe /C /T:"%TmpDir%"
CD "%TmpDir%"

..\7za.exe a "%~dp0%Target%.7z" -r -mx=7 -mfb=255 -md=48m *
RMDIR /S /Q tmp

IF NOT EXIST 7zSC.sfx CALL :make_sfx

ECHO RunProgram="setup_wm.exe /Q /R:N /NoMigrate /DisallowSystemRestore">>config.txt
COPY /b 7zSC.sfx + config.txt + %Target%.7z %Target%7.exe
DEL config.txt
DEL %Target%.7z

COPY 7zS.sfx 7zSC.sfx
upx.exe 7zSC.sfx

Now you should have the following files in your folder:


Start the wmp10.bat and wait 2 minutes. At the end you should have a mp10setup7.exe in your folder with a size of about 9.3 MB.

You can run this standalone file through svcpack.inf or any other batch without any commandline switches. But if you use a batch instead of svcpack.inf you should use the start-command:

start /wait mp10setup7.exe

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Or you could just, extract mp10setup.exe's contents with 1 right click with WinRAR, and make it into a WinRAR SFX in a matter of seconds... Yours most likely makes a smaller file though. It's nice to have small installers, but in my case (using a DVD to install, so space isn't a major consideration for a small app) I picked simplicity and speed of creation of the WinRAR SFX instead. I might try the 7zip way instead, I just "default" to using WinRAR as it's installed on my system (7zip isn't) and it's so quick to use... Thanks for sharing :)

[edit] the WinRAR SFX (without UPX compression mind you) weighs in at 13,7MB, so your real savings are 4.4MB, minus what UPX would save on the WinRAR SFX - which I'll try right now, just out of curiosity)

[update] UPX is definately no go with the WinRAR SFX. I get a AlreadyPackedException no matter what. Yours method makes a sfx 2/3 of the size of the WinRAR one then, 4.4MB saved.

@beppemito at half the size, I'd say yours has a problem. Language shouldn't really change anything on the filesize...

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I used Spanish version. Installs propertlly and silently.

11,9 Mb to 9,3 Mb.


Did you use Beta 7-zip? Please don't.

Which size is your normal mp10setup.exe (12.2 Mb) and does it install propertly?

Try download it again if not.

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