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Windows Media Player 10 Unattended


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Here's what I'm using from RunOnceEx.cmd:

REG ADD %KEY%\090 /VE /D "Windows Media Player 10" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\090 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Extras\WMP10\MP10Setup.exe /Q:A /R:N /C:\"setup_wm.exe /Q:A /R:N /DisallowSystemRestore\"" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\090 /V 2 /D "%systemdrive%\Extras\WMP10\Energy.exe /q" /f

The above adds the "Energy Bliss" visualization, which was downloaded and renamed to 'Energy.' I later set up WMP10 as I like it, e.g., turn on the graphic equalizer, resize the window to cover the "Music/Radio" stuff, and then import EVERYTHING under the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer] registry setting, together with the earlier tweaks recommended to bypass the usual first-run nags--all 205KB--just to be sure. Works great. :yes:

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-Right click on mp10setup.exe, and select "Extract to mp10setup\"

-go in that newly created folder, press ctrl-a to select all files, right click anywhere on the files, select "Add to archive ..."

-Select Best in compression method

-Check "Create SFX Archive"

-Click on the advanced tab, then "SFX Options..." button

-In "Run after extraction", paste the command line (setup_wm.exe /Q /R:N /NoMigrate /DisallowSystemRestore)

-Click on "Modes" tab

-Check "Unpack to temporary folder", "Silent mode" to "Hide All" and finally "Overwrite mode" to "Overwrite all files"

-Click "ok" twice

That's it. So basically, extract files, create archive, best compression, sfx, add command line, tell it to extract to temp folder, all silent and to overwrite files. Takes under a minute if you know your way around the (simple) WinRAR gui.

i've done that, how do i integrate that into the runonceex file?

would it be REG ADD %KEY%\025 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Install\WMP10\MP10Setup.exe with none of the switches?


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mine looks like

REG ADD %KEY%\049 /VE /D "Windows Media Player 10" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\049 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Install\WMP10\WMP10.exe /s" /f

to be sure but "hide all" mode should be enough

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