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How to use WinPe for Network Unattend Install?


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In one form or another I use the following to reboot PE from both HTA's and VBS'


Do'Reboot PC.  Close Up to 5 open CMD windows
 Do While Counter < 5
Counter = Counter + 1
If Counter = 6 Then
  Check = False
Exit Do
End If
WshShell.AppActivate "cmd"
WshShell.sendkeys "exit"
WshShell.sendkeys "~"
Loop Until Check = False

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Another option to this is PEShutdown.exe, use google to find it, then write a script that will call it. It also has a reboot switch to which is useful, for example when I install windows, I do it from a script with the "START /wait" command, then the next line in the batch will not execute until the preceeding line is complete. Just a suggestion.

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yea start /wait is the shiz! i love that... i think "start /wait", "if", and "set" are the most usefull commands(imo)

I use an AutoIt Script that terminates all *.cmd windows, this forces a reboot.

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Been following this thread and i have mine reboot but then it goes into windows XP profession Setup window. I thought it should just go through with the setup but its asking me what partition to install and then it errors out with setup was unable to verify drive c:.

Your computer may not have enough memory to examine the drives, or your windows xp cd may contain some corrupted files.

why is this happening?

please help


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I am suffering from the same problem as crossgrid stated above. I am assuming that having the partition selected in the text setup is a winnt.sif thing. I am just wondering if the error message is in result of VMWare settings, or if the install is corrupt.

Just for reference




   SFCQuota = 0

   FullName="Samus Aran"









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It's prompting for what partition to install to because your Unattend file is telling it to. :)

Change this:


to this:


And it will stop asking you questions.

Hey Edge -- Why are you manually starting services for Diskpart?

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