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  1. this isnt dos is it? you can't read in text file in for loop in dos can you? i've tested and never could get to read in text file. You using vbscript?
  2. well everything is on the 32bit gui window it does reboot into that familiar dos screen. Does the whole installation with gui and whatnot.
  3. I have a working windows PE installation for windows xp and i think i'm happy with it but my concern is how does microsoft do it with their installation. I was also looking at hp's reinstall of the OS and they also use winbom.ini and they have it some how where it doesn't reboot and does the whole installation. any ideas?
  4. @likuidkewl I'm not sure what "bulgin" is but would happen to know who or where i can look it up to get it to work? @cuBie I've looked at that post. None of the links work to try anything.
  5. follow likuidkewl's tutorial on how to do it. It is very simple to follow. I've gotten mine to work great. Only thing is it has to reboot wish it didnt but i guess its part of xp. Once it reboots it copies the files over and starts the installations. good luck
  6. Ok i'm making great lead way and want to thank everyone for their help this forum has been a great help. one more thing i need is an tutorial on how to load explorer into my windows pe. thanks again
  7. crossgrid


    Hi, Here is what i wanted to do. I wanted to load diskpart mydisk.txt and modify it to change a value within the text file. I wrote a vbscript that reads in the file and changes the field but mydisk.txt is on the cd so it is read only. So I was wondering if there was like a memory loader for WinPE with tutorials. i'm making great progress love this forum TIA
  8. i've found the file but what do exactly do with it? do i run this file? and it'll install the wsh ?? i've tried to lookin in WinPE.chm but it doesnt mention anything on buildoptioncomponent.vbs
  9. what is 'VS'?? what language is that?
  10. has anyone have windows script host installed/enabled in winPE? I wanted to make sure that i can write vbs scripts before i write them and find out you cant. TIA
  11. I was wondering what language you guys use to create these gui based custome program. C or C++? java? VS?
  12. What exactly is the difference and why do you guys prefer winnt.sif over unattend.txt? which is more flexible? TIA
  13. start /wait?? try that type start /? and look at the /wait option
  14. I know I'm multiposting and i'm sure i'll get reamed for it but i'm not getting a response fast enough .. any who. I've managed to use diskpart to script the drive partition and format. I can post the code if you want me to but i'm pretty sure it isnt the problem so here is my problem i've formated and ran the command winnt32 ... etc etc.. command is right because it goes through so when it reboots it goest to "windows xp profession setup" screen and "asks" what partition to install windows. I thought it was unattended. Then when it is about to copy over the files i get an error that says: setup was unable to verify drive C: your computer may not have enough memory to exame the drives, or your windows xp cd may containe corrupted files. to continue, press enter what is going on? TIA
  15. Hi, Been following this thread and i have mine reboot but then it goes into windows XP profession Setup window. I thought it should just go through with the setup but its asking me what partition to install and then it errors out with setup was unable to verify drive c:. Your computer may not have enough memory to examine the drives, or your windows xp cd may contain some corrupted files. why is this happening? please help TIA

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