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  1. Im gonna take a wild guess and say that he probably made it with Symantec Ghost.
  2. To be honest, I probably will try it... but not switch over until a couple months after SP1 is released...
  3. like do you mean programming language, or the regular language?
  4. Wow, that is unacceptable... I had problems with hosting companies too, then i got fed up with all of them and started hosting my own sites. I am planning on building another server and sending it to a datacenter within a couple of months.
  5. if reg tweak doesn't work, get a new keyboard...
  6. not in the same operating system... You could run VMWare, but this is not optimal for performance... but depending on what you need it for this might be a solution... Btw, klasika i dig your finder avatar
  7. That is one of the stupidest comments i have ever heard... Yes, it is more secure and more stable, but you give up performance in games, applications, etc for those features. Windows 2003 Server is meant to run server apps, like say a website or say a network application that runs in a compnay intranat. You could also(like me) have multiple 2003 servers and run a multitude of different things on them... Like one is a dedicated router/firewall/nat box, where one is a dedicated file server with 2 tb's of space, and another one runs my personal website. Idn, XP is for gaming, 2003 is for servers... And dont try to run server on something gross, like a cellery processor. or anything under 2.4ghz lol
  8. I had the same problems with my stuff at first the problems you are having is because the drivers aren't being installed properly... I want to know if you have windows pe or BartPE, because there is a bit of difference between the two. and you say that you are adding them to the i386 directory... please explain further.
  9. I think that I may have gotten something similar to that when I was running my testing scenarios... I was using the most up-to-date drivers for a particular nic, and it just wouldn't work... So i suggest you check the drivers, make sure there aren't any registry things that need to be added for the drivers to work.
  10. http://www.microsoft.com/oem/registration.mspx yea... just go there and register for the deal...
  11. yea... I just didn't want to get you in trouble or w/e... It is just that I concider those kind of links Warez on my forums... *shrug* Everyone on here seems really cool though.
  12. Oh yea... btw, that link is a bad site... http://pages.infinit.net/goriol/peplugin.htm look @ the bottom, and there is a link to ghost32.exe which(correct me if I am wrong) is illegal to distribute without a license... because that is the full program for ghost on windowsPE *shrug*
  13. I actually think that I am going to be using regular microsofts WinPE... I am currently using windows pe 1.2... Should I update to 2004? Is there that big of differences? But yea... i just got some awesome stuff going for the WindowsPE... I made a folder with inf, drivers, system32 and software where it will automatically add it to the iso when i makeimg wheee... Fun stuff.
  14. I guess it helps when i read the manual hehe... I have been busy programming this **** thing, but it is cool... I'll show you guys what it looks like when i get done We are an enterprise type deal, but it is an educational institute(school district) I am just sick and tired of using those crappy ghost disks, and we dont buy floppy drives anymore, so we would tote around a floppy and crack the case each time a floppy didn't work So ima make a Automated Image Deployment/Technology Tools CD for speeding up this XP deployment) it is gonna be pretty cool if i say so myself.
  15. yea... I am having problems with a couple of drivers... I am trying to get the optiplex gx270 drivers to work... http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/...d=4159&devlib=5 They just dont seem to want to work... I place the .sys files in the /i386/system32/drivers folder, and the INF files in the /i386/inf folder correct? If you guys could tell me the way on both versions as I haven't made up my mind on what PE to use(barts, or Microsoft) because the software that i am using and creating will work on either thanks, James
  16. yea start /wait is the shiz! i love that... i think "start /wait", "if", and "set" are the most usefull commands(imo)
  17. http://junk.futurepc.org/aid/AID.jpg This is a disk that I am designing for deploying images... This is the version from a couple of nights ago... I am currently making it and testing it so many changes have happened hehe virtual machines are the shiz i love em. But this is a program to speed up the deployment of the probably 6-8 thousand computers targeted for an XP upgrade. we have like 20k computers half are mac, and half are already XP. We are not purchasing floppy drives anymore and we are using bootable CD's as an alternative... Students always break floppy drives and stuff, so we will use the cdrom drives to deploy the images to the computer... WindowsPE provides us a great platform to image and maintain computers. with this new disk that i am making, it will allow us to start imaging a computer in less than 6 keystrokes. We are using ghost as the image deployment system, and this disk is pretty much just for deployment of windows XP at the current moment. After we get everything moving, and the disk works well, we will put most of our tools that we use on the disk... Right now the features of my disk are these: - Quick image deployment and creation of images. - Stinger virus scan - Remote Desktop - RealVNC connections to our servers - Command prompt(duh!) But yea... this disk is going to be named AID for Automated Image Deployment I was going to name it Automated Image Deployment System, but it's acrronym is AIDS and that is not cool for a network... lol... they would be like omg! it is a virus!!! ARGH! btw, most things have changed on that disk.
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