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  1. You can get into this state a few different ways, most of which involve the truncation of the %winpedir%\winsxs directory structure. a. bad imaging software/command line (if you're using oscdimg use "-n") b. bad cd burn software (NERO seems to work) c. xcopying a running disk to the HD (ie -- boot to CD, xcopy contents of CD to HD) -- many files are in use in this state and any that are will be broken (diskpart, etc) d. Make sure that if you're building your own images you match the tools to the build -- ie if you're building against xp gold (no SPs integrated) then you should use the 1.0 tools for best results.
  2. the NMI parity error is from the NIC driver that ships in the default WinPE image. download and inject the latest drivers from dell's website and you'll be good to go.
  3. I don't think that the gx260's support USB boot, but 270/280's do.
  4. Licensing issues aside, I just don't see what BartPe provides that WinPE does not. I'm not looking for an OS -- I've got XP for that. WinPE is there for recovery and installation. Sherpya's plugin site looks "neat" but not really usefull for what WinPE is there for.
  5. >Since microsoft has licenced unix technologies from SCO, do you think >that it's possible that the rumours of longhorn running on a unix based >kernel is true? Or is it just a move to crush linux in the open-licence >form that it is? Because they want to be less secure? This is more ridiculous than Linus working for MS.
  6. PEBuilder: Start-menu - Bart's builder gives you a simple, dynamic and powerful start-menu (Nu2Menu, see screenshots). Microsoft's builder does not give you a start-menu, it uses a command prompt. WinPE: Feel free to run Progman.exe from inside of WinPE if you want a graphical shell (Windows 3.11 shell program)… the difference here stems from different development philosophies. Bart looked at how to add functionality by increasing size; winpe is about how to remove size and maintain functionality. The shell loses out but there isn’t really a functional loss beyond ease of use. --- PEBuilder: Dos support - Bart's builder has a plugin called "dospe". WinPE: This is something that WinPE does not provide… Is there a real need? What DOS apps do you need to run from your 32 bit environment? --- PEBuilder: 64-Bit - Bart's builder does not support Windows 64-bit editions WinPE: WinPE supports 64 bit platforms (ia64 and amd64) --- PEBuilder: Network support - PE Builder includes it's own network support tools (bartpe/penetcfg) to start TCP/IP and Microsoft Client. The TCP/IP settings like: dynamic/static ip-address, subnet-mask, default gateway, dns-servers computer-name, workgroup can be changed on-the-fly. You can create pre-defined profiles, that you can select. Microsoft winPE only supports DHCP or fixed settings using winbom.ini. WinPE: WinPE with xpsp2 has support for (among other things) WMI, which can provide the same sort of dynamic manipulation of machine info (static ip, dns, etc). --- PEBuilder: Build from - Bart's builder can also build from Windows XP Home Edition or from a preinstalled Windows XP version (without CD). WinPE: That’s a neat trick, but is it really an advantage?
  7. ribond

    Reducing Bartpe

    If you have an OPK there are sample files showing things that can be safely removed from WinPE images. in server sp1 the files are SERVERSP1-REMOVELIST.TXT and XPSP2-REMOVELIST.TXT
  8. WinPE's own driver load process isn't really rocket science -- take a look at winpeoem.sif in %winpedir%\system32. Just throw your driver package into a directory under %winpedir%\system32\ (make sure the default entry in txtsetup.oem is the one you're looking for) and add that directory entry to the last section of the .sif file. It will load your drivers & you don't need to go mucking with txtsetup.SIF.
  9. ribond

    LMHOST Acesss

    $.02: "net start lmhosts" in WInPE might help...
  10. Server Sp1 WinPE (2005) ships with RAMDISK support. One of the side benefits of booting from a RAMDISK is that you can boot from non-MS pxe servers without having to reinvent wheels, etc. WinPE 2005, coming soon...
  11. Let the holy wars commence. RIS is better. Sysprep is better. Kids, lets put those hands together: Riprep anyone? Sysprep'd images dl'd from RIS through a pretty process?
  12. Sysprep will also allow you to do this -- it can be scripted to go through and just prompt for key, etc. And it's an MS tool, not some web wackiness.
  13. Don't pay for it, just wait a bit. Server Sp1 will release and anyone with access to the OPK will get a copy of formatufd.exe, which creates bootable Usb Flash devices. I actually booted my computer from a USB link to my Nikon camera (formatted the compact flash card in there with formatufd). It was kinda cool.
  14. There are also some updates to the build process that didn't get mentioned -- for those of us who use WinPE on IA64 or x64 processors there are fixes that simplify -- you no longer need to maintain per-architecture build directories, MKIMG just pulls tools from the right places. Much better.
  15. Note also that 2005 will ship with RAMDISK boot functionality that supplants /INRAM and makes this (approximately) 2000 times easier.

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