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Registry Tweaks

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I am trying to adjust xp's visual settings e.g. the settings when you right click on my computer and are in performance section and control things like drop shadows on desktop icons, smooth edge of screen fonts etc.

I have seen many posts previously that detail the visualfxsetting tweak but i see that it is not listed in the master .reg tweaks. I cannot get this tweak working properly because when i change the visualfxsetting to a 2 it alters the tickboxes, but with the setting on 3 it does not change anything.

Here are the registry settings. The setting of visualfxsetting of 3 is supposed to give a customized set of settings and settings underneath this are supposed to control the visual effects... But I cannot get them working, what am i doing wrong ?































ECHO "DefaultApplied"=dword:00000000
















Anyone help and from what i can see this is not possible. However if it is possible it would make a good entry into the master .reg tweaks.

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A tweak that is not in the master tweaks list is this one...

-- disable windows image and fax viewer

- the built in viewer is awful and irfanview is far better


delete the MayChangeDefaultMenu key


and delete the subkey: MayChangeDefaultMenu

Images will now open in your default viewer by double-clicking. You can

still right-click and select PREVIEW if you want to open it in Image Preview.

If you want to get rid of the PREVIEW menu option entirely, you can go to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClassesCLSID{e84fda7c-1d6a-45f6-b725-cb260c236066}InProcServer3 and for the (Default) Value, delete the data so it is empty, "". Reboot. No more "Preview" option on right-click.

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Or turn it off completely windows image viewer

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


This is ON

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


NOTE: May require Reboot for effect...

EDIT: This worked pre-SP2 and I found it don't completely now. After above you have to associate an image with something like Irfanview. You still have the Preview in right click but it's not default.

Personally I have found numerous things that used to Pre-SP2 that now don't work the same.

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hi, had a look thru all the posts now but cant find a few things im looking for..

i want too set in power options "turn off monitor" to NEVER

and disable/untick - "prompt for password when resumes"

and disable in screensaver options - "on resume display welcome screen"



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@a06lp hope this helps,
;Set Monitor to NEVER turn off, and "When I press my power button" to "Ask me what to do"
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\PowerCfg\PowerPolicies\0]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\PowerCfg\GlobalPowerPolicy]

change to your own values before exporting them.


Turning off the monitor is included in these settings, set them the way you want then export...

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Prompt for Password is included in above.

I did not search this whole thing since you said you did but heres the other...

disable "on resume display welcome screen"

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

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Some tweak i think that should be added :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;-----Put my computer, my network places, my documents , IE on the desktop

I think it would be very usefull :)

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I have tried to make al list over registry entries in


I have seen a lot of registry files enabling or disabling a lot of options in that key in particular. But generally there are no explanations for the options. I tried my best though there are some which I cannot seem to find an explanation for.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


; **********************************
; *        Folder Options          *
; **********************************

; Hidden files and folders
; 0 = Do not show hidden files and folders
; 1 = Show hidden files and folders

; Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color

; Hide extensions for known file types


; Map Network Drive button in Explorer

; Tasks
; 0 = Use Windows classic folders
; 1 = Show common tasks in folders


; Hide protected operationg system files
; This value does not seem to serve any purpose.
; When I set it to 1 without touching ShowSuperHidden it will be set to 0 again; once EXPLORER.EXE restarts. Actually the only one you have to change is ShowSuperHidden
; "SuperHidden"=dword:00000001

; Launch folder windows in a separate process

; Do NOT Automatically search for network folders and printers

; Display file size information in folder tips

; Display simple folder view in Explorer's Folders list

; Do NOT cache thumbnails

; Remember each folder's view settings
; 0 = Enabled
; 1 = Disabled


; **********************************
; * Taskbar and Start Menu Options *
; **********************************

; ---------------------
;   Classic Start Menu
; ---------------------

; Display Administrative Tools
; This is a REG_DWORD value if you use the new start menu

; Display Favorites

; Display Log Off

; Display Run

; ?

; Expand Control Panel

; Expand My Documents

; Expand My Pictures

; Expand Network Connections

; Expand Printers

; Scroll Programs

; ---------------------
;   New Start Menu
; ---------------------

; Open submenus when I pause on them with my mouse

; Highlight newly installed programs

; Show large icons (only for new start menu)

; Enable dragging and dropping

; Show My Computer
; 0 = Don't display this item
; 1 = Display as a link
; 2 = Display as a menu

; Show Control Panel
; 0 = Don't display this item
; 1 = Display as a link
; 2 = Display as a menu


; Show My Pictures
; 0 = Don't display this item
; 1 = Display as a link
; 2 = Display as a menu

; Show My Music
; 0 = Don't display this item
; 1 = Display as a link
; 2 = Display as a menu

; System Administrative Tools
; 0 = Don't display this item on the start menu
; 1 = Seems to have the same effect as 2
; 2 = Display on the the Start menu

; Display this item on the All Programs menu
; If you set Start_AdminToolRoot to 2 and StartMenuAdminTools to 1 then
; this option is equal to "Display on the All Programs menu and the Start menu"

; Show Help and Support

Show Printers and Faxes

; Show Run command

; Scroll Programs

; Show Search

; Show Set Program Access and Defaults

; Show My Network Places

; Show Network Connections
; 0 = Don't display this item
; 1 = Link to Network Connections Folder
; 2 = Display as a connect menu

; List my most recently opened documents
; 0 = disabled
; 1 = ?
; 2 = enabled
; Note: for this option to be valid the following key must be set to 0:
; [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer]
; "NoRecentDocsMenu"=dword:00000000

; ---------------------
;       Taskbar
; ---------------------

; Lock the taskbar
; 0 = Lock the taskbar
; 1 = Enable taskbar movment and resizing

; Group similar taskbar buttons

; --------------------------------------
; Unknown

; ? It probably removes the balloon tip on the first start of windows, but what does the value 2, 1 or 0 do?

; ?

; ?

; ?

; ?

; ?

; ?

; ?

; ?

; ?

; ?

; ?

; ?

; ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also any additions to the taskbar options in other registry keys are welcome.



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I have the following additions for your consideration.

; Enable passwords in URLs (Security risk)

; Do not use Simple File Sharing

; Show Small icons in the menu bars of Explorer and Internet Explorer

;-----  Disables Welcome Screen and uses Classic Logon
;-----    Note: Setting to Classic logon makes your user-pic disappear from new XP-style Start Menu
;-----   Value: (0 = Classic Logon, 1 = Welcome Screen)

; Disable Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

; Remove the Help Option from the Start Menu

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