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  1. hi, i want to import the registry tweaks during my unattended install, so it would apply yo my own created user, and to administrator (not must-have..) i thought the next idea: in the cmdlines.txt, if i put "RunOnceEx.cmd" a line before the useraccounts.cmd will it work? som1 have tried it? (i can't check for myself right now cuz i'm not at home, and got no VPC or VMWARE) thanks.
  2. Hi all, long time no seen 1st of all, congratulations for the new design of the unattended site, just noticed -------------- I need help in 2 subjects, the 1st is adding users. i followed the instructions in this page - http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/27/ and i didn't understand something(s). (i'm using the oobeinfo method) - Do I need the Identity000="NewUser-Admin" line to create an admin account? or the admin account is created automaticlly like if i don't add any users? cuz i want to add just one user, as an additional user to the Administrator account. - Does my registry tweaks will be applied on the additional created User?? the 2nd subject is the visual settings. i'm looking for some visual tweaks, and i found only one of them (drop shadow on desktop icons). here's the "list" of tweaks i couldn't find in search - - drop shadow under menues - smooth fonts edges as you can see, the so called "list" is very small EDIT: ok, after another search, i found "SetVisualEffects.exe" app. i answers all my questions about the visual effects, but there is one thing unclear. (http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=30078&hl=SetVisualEffects.exe) in the instructions in the above link ^ , he's saying that i need to put the line "REGEDIT /S setstartup.reg" in any line, but before any account are created so the visual settings will be applied to all users , but i create my accounts using oobeinfo.ini, so where do i need to put the line so it will be applied to all users?? ------------------------------------ Thanks All, and have a Happy Christsmas and Happy Hanuka
  3. ok, i need the switch for this pack: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=55687 when opening it normally on desktop there is an install wizard.. i don't want him to show up during the unattended install, but just install it. i hope its clearer, thanks
  4. but i want to do it during the unattended install, not after :\
  5. usually, the admin account is first autologging, then installing apps, reg tweaks etc.. but those setting are not apllied to MY created admin user, (named for example Adiel ) but only for the main administrator account. how to get it apllied for all users, or make my account autologin first? thanks
  6. i think the title says all. i need a completly silent switch. thanks and good day
  7. why does the hotfix . net is tagged as a spam??
  8. the site is back in new address !! http://www.s.p.a.m.net/sp3.html or http://www.s.p.a.m.net/ and click big details button and boooggy - can u give me swtiches for upx?? cuz i don't understand in this matter.. thanks
  9. as far as i remember a lottt ... there was once this site: www.xp-sp3.com/sp3 that for some reason now not working in the site al the pre-sp3 fixes that included in this pack was listed
  10. I'm talking about all fixes that was out after SP2 released - which means PRE - SP3 updates\fixes pack, or in other words Post-SP2 OR Unofficial SP3. all fixes\updates since sp2 were collected by Ethan Allen, that did so b4 sp2 if someone remembers all hotfixes\updates are directly from MICROSOFT itself, therefore, its fully trustable. enjoy your download - http://download.mysupport-fr.com/EN_W_XP_SP3_.exe (install wizard could be at french - but all updates are in english, and suits WINDOWS XP PRO in ENGLISH Only !! ) now all we need to find is a silent switch
  11. the card is not overclocked .. :| the vpurecover itself remains enabled, only the report making is disabled. sometimes the screen goes black and recover itslef yes, but after 30-45min its sucks completely :| about heating problem, how come game like GTA can overheat my card?! DOOM3 and FARCRY haven't done this .. is there anyway to check?
  12. ScreenSaver - Off, powerdown HD - off as well. Omega - already tried, b4 installing new catalyst. with omega the problem was worse - it was stucking every 15min, now after 30-45min even after an hour..
  13. Hi all, i'm new here. i've got a serious problem with gta san andreas. problem description: every time i play, after half an hour maybe even 45min, my screen is turning black, i can't see or continue playing, but the strange thing is, that the sound in the game is still playing, even if i'm in a car, the songs on the radio station are still playing. i can't quit to desktop, or close GTASA.exe using task manager, i have to restart every time. * Note - i checked on other forums, and i found some other people, all with radeons card (9600,9200 etc..) and with the same or similar problem. details about my computer: Intel P4 , 2.4GHZ Chipset D845PE (if i'm not mistaking about the chipset) 512MB DDR-RAM Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB 400W Power supply Windows XP PRO + SP2, updated things i've tried so far: 1. Uninstalling my video card drivers, installing the new ones from ATI - Catalyst 5.6 2. Disabling VPU RECOVER error report making in the ATI CONTROL PANEL. 4. Running DirectDraw and DirectDraw3D Tests on DXDIAG. 3. Scanned for spywares, adwares and viruses. What's seem t be the problem, and how can i fix it? its driving me crazy Thanks all.
  14. first of all thanks about the size - i'm anyway not using them in this forum .. and they are on another server not the forum server ..
  15. thanks for all the replies :\
  16. OK , here's an update : i installed winXP without the RegTweaks file , and after installation completed , i applied every section in the regtweaks file in seperate , and checked if is casuing problems with services and other things . after i applied all sections, the problem didn't appear yet , i thought maybe the problem isn't with my regtweaks after all BUT after trying to put regtweaks back on the XPCD , there were problems again . maybe the excution of the file during the installation , is causing it , i don't know. stragne :|
  17. Sorry , i'll do this next time. thanks for the edit . @rdalling thanks for the advice . i'll do it soon , and check every section of the reg file in seperate .
  18. No can't do sir even i check trough every line , i'' be unable to know and tell which one is wrong or not correct , cuz i don't have enough knowledge to know that ..
  19. OK , i removed anything that looks safe to me and can't cause problems . Now you can check it please ?
  20. i guess you were right after all . thanks for the info about easyboot , i will appreciate it if you can inform me when the 1024X768 version will be out , thanks
  21. Ok , i got this problem that after installing windows , i was unable to start services (Mcafee common frameworkd , microsoft network service (somethingl ike this) ) after checking and testing cd's i found out that something in my regtweaks is causing it . some another problem i got after installing with regtweaks when i open VMWARE setup file , i get the same window i get by typing in dos setup.exe /help[code]can you help me the regtweak that causing it ? here's my regtweaks file (attached)Thanks. reg.txt
  22. here's the right reg tweak : Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ;----- Enable Standart type for ALL Users ;----- [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] "FontSmoothingType"=dword:00000001 "FontSmoothing"="2" Have Fun
  23. Found it !! it was the clear type that was making this shadow ! i just had to turn him from clear type to standart
  24. not exactly gray , i mean like "soft" black , it looks like gray . i'll try get you a picture .

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