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DAMN NFO Viewer 2.10 RC3


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I will never understand why people use this thing... notepad with terminal size 9 works fine for me.

it's a nice gui and i preffer left my notepad at default font :P

@Judas989 it doesn't need any regkey, only associate .nfo files with it, so compress it and extract to a "utilities" folder.

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Export everything in these keys:



[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\****\**** NFO Viewer]

Merge them all in one reg file.

Copy **** NFO Viewer from Program Files to C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$Progs\ and execute the reg file somewhere in your unattended setup :)

The only prompt you get when you try to open an nfo file is the viewer asking to be the default viewer.

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the reg file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@="**** NFO Viewer file"






@="Open in &**** NFO Viewer"


@="\"C:\\PROGRA~1\\DAMNNF~1\\DAMNNF~1.EXE\" \"%1\""











"FontName"="[built-in] Terminal"








[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\****\**** NFO Viewer\WindowPlacements]









@="C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\**** NFO Viewer"

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Although I found the AutoIT installer to work correctly before testing in either VirtualPC/VMWare or infact trying the CD itself and ironing out the problems later. I found that although installations like that may work on your development machine or the same machine that you install your unattended CD/DVD on like in my case, the installer doesn't always behave exactly as tested.

Therefore, I'm going to install this application with the information that has already been provided, especially since this is the only installer that I can think of which I have to automate using AutoIT. I do however install the applications which have an .msi installer with /QB, at least until I get an almost perfect unattended CD.

That maybe a bit of wishful thinking on my part, since newer versions of the applications I install come out fairly regularly (normally just after I've finalised a specific revision of my CD), but there’s no harm in trying I suppose. :)

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Since the site that I downloaded it from doesn't have a .msi available to install it with, I can only assume that someone else made it from the installer that they downloaded.

The only way someone could do that would be to use a program such as WinINSTALL LE and using the discover wizard. That will record any changes made to the computer both before and after installation and creates a .msi file including the newly copied files and a .reg file recording any changes made to the registry.

Aaron has the right idea for installing this, since a program this small isn't really worth the effort for creating a .msi installer for, in my opinion anyway. :)

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