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  1. The above-mentioned AutoIT script doesn't work. Testing CachemanXP v1.1. Anyone have any suggestions for this wonderful program?
  2. I totally forgot about the SLEEP cmd, thanks. That might work better actually unless a batch file can delete itself after it's finished running. Does anyone know that answer?
  3. I imagine the solution is very simple, but I'd like to see other suggestions. Thanks bryanh, but I'd like to avoid 3rd party scripts if possible. Maybe add an xcopy command in the 1st batch file to copy the 2nd batch file to the Startup folder of the admin's Start Menu? Then adding a DEL command to auto-delete the 2nd batch file for complete cleanup?
  4. Hmm... my first batch file is in there, but it runs BEFORE the desktop appears. All that shows up is a DOS prompt window. Is there any way I can get a batch to run after the desktop and the toolbar appears? See, the links and files and whatnot only appear after the desktop and toolbar appear, so they cannot be deleted until then.
  5. Great, thanks for the info angadsingh007. Another question. If I put another batch file in the GuiRunOnce area, wont it just run right after my previous batch finishes? Or will it then load the Windows desktop THEN run the batch? I need the latter essentially and I'd test it right now but I've got a DVD-sized unattended setup and it takes a while to test. Thanks again.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm in need of deleting a lot of useless shortcuts created from some of my unattended setup disc, namely stuff like Favorites, Start Menu folders and links, etc. The problem is, none of the files show up until AFTER my batch file is finished and the Windows desktop & start-menu loads for the first time. Does anyone have any recommendation how to get a 2nd batch file to run after the Windows desktop loads, preferably AFTER the 1st one finishes and after an automatic reboot? Also, I'd like to add a DOS command that restarts Windows after the batch file completes. A timer would be nice too. BTW, I've searched but the search is kinda... hinky sometimes. Couldn't quite find the words to describe what I was looking for and the closest match brought up numerous different things. Thanks for the help in advanced guys.
  7. I know there's a way to decompress the compressed files on the original Windows install CD, but I can't remember how. Anyone? Thanks in advanced. BTW, I searched but the search function seems to search partial words mostly. =\
  8. Outpost has worked great for me (v2.1) + the blockpost plugin (+ altkernel, huge blocklists and doesn't bog the system down like ZA) You can even run it in the background and it idles around 00 - 02 CPU usage and uses up about 14mb of RAM (at least on my system, my buddy said it uses about 18 on his). I used ZA 4 for a while but it was slow as hell when using a big blocklist. ZA 5 seemed to have a lot of problems so I started using Outpost.
  9. I'd go the .msi way like yoz7120 but I don't have an .msi file. =\ Thanks alot for your help guys.
  10. Like the support account, etc. I can't remember what the default accounts are because I've already deleted them on my personal computer but if anyone knows what they are and a reg tweak to delete them, I'd be very grateful.
  11. Searched, couldn't find anything. I'm not sure what SFX it uses and couldn't find switches on Google.
  12. Everything goes just fine until the "Installing Devices" message displays during the installation of my custom Windows XP CD. Here is a look at my WINNT.SIF file. It's probably just because I don't have quotes around my driver inst. paths... but tell me what you think. P.S. Should I put quotes around ALL the values?
  13. I used a reg-tweak to change the desktop wallpaper position and now it's locked and I can't change it. Does anyone know how to fix this? The position drop-down box is locked and grayed out. Any help will be much appreciated.

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