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Adobe Reader 6.02 silent install


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Good work RyanVM.

The unattended Adobe Reader 6.0.2 installer is very well. :)

I'm recreating this for the german version of Adobe Reader 6.0.2.

I have done the following steps at the moment:

1.) 6.0.2 update completely integrated into the package

2.) PrintMe addin completely removed from the package

3.) Numerous registry tweaks, including: no splash screen, no EULA prompt, no ad bar, and more

4.) Only one shortcut created on the start menu (none on desktop)

Now, I have a Problem with repacking of the files with 7-Zip.

I used the process which is explained in the .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack integration Thread.

The Batch file creates a *.exe file, but when I'm executing it, I get an unknown error Message. :unsure:

Can you check my Batch file please?

The Batchfile:

MD adobereader602

XCOPY "CommonAppData" "adobereader602\CommonAppData" /q /i /s /e

XCOPY "program files" "adobereader602\program files" /q /i /s /e

XCOPY "System32" "adobereader602\System32" /q /i /s /e

COPY "Adobe Reader 6.0.2 - Deutsch.msi" "adobereader602\Adobe Reader 6.0.2 - Deutsch.msi"

COPY "StartX.exe" "adobereader602\StartX.exe"

CD adobereader602

..\7za.exe a "adobereader602.7z" -r -mx=7 -mfb=255 -md=48m *


COPY 7zS.sfx 7zSC.sfx

upx.exe 7zSC.sfx

ECHO ;!@Install@!UTF-8!>config.txt

ECHO RunProgram="StartX.exe /WAIT \"msiexec /i \"Adobe Reader 6.0.2 - Deutsch.msi\" /qb-!\"">>config.txt

ECHO ;!@InstallEnd@!>>config.txt

COPY /b 7zSC.sfx + config.txt + adobereader602.7z adobereader602.exe

DEL 7zSC.sfx

DEL config.txt

DEL adobereader602.7z

My File Tree:

program files
Adobe Reader 6.0.2 - Deutsch.msi

Thanks for reading.

Sorry, for my bad englisch

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The error Message occurs when the EXE tries to extract.

My bet is that it doesn't like config.txt.

Try creating it in Notepad and be sure to save it as UTF-8.

EDIT: Heck, you can probably open the existing config.txt and just do a File...Save As to convert it.

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I've got it ... nearly.

The problem was, That the 7-Zip command line utility created the adobereader602.7z archive in the adobereader602 folder. Thereby the adobereader602.7z were not combined with the 7zSC.sfx and config.txt into the adobereader602.exe.

I have changed the following lines:


CD adobereader602

..\7za.exe a "adobereader602.7z" -r -mx=7 -mfb=255 -md=48m *



COPY /b 7zSC.sfx + config.txt + adobereader602.7z adobereader602.exe



7za.exe a "adobereader602.7z" -r -mx=7 -mfb=255 -md=48m *


COPY /b 7zSC.sfx + config.txt + adobereader602.7z adobereader602.exe


Now I have a new problem. :unsure:

I get an error Message from the Windows Installer.

It says invalid Commadlineparameter (translated from german)


RunProgram="StartX.exe /WAIT \"msiexec /i Adobe Reader 6.0.2 - Deutsch.msi /qb-!\""


The error is not from the /qb-! switch.

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