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What's the best firewall?


What's the best firewall?  

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  1. 1. What's the best firewall?

    • ZoneAlarm
    • Outpost
    • Sygate
    • Symantec
    • Kerio
    • Windows Firewall

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Would had voted for Sygate if it wasn't for Symantec taking it other.

That's why I use the last version before it was taken over. v5.5. Hasn't failed me yet. Except for that time the Ms. clicked Yes on something while I was in the bathroom. :whistle:

Latest version I believe was 5.6.2808.0 which I have :whistle:

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Do you really need a firewall if you are behind a router?

Depends on how paranoid you are. I always recommend one regardless of the router, because of forwarded ports or *shudders* UPnP.

Not as much a paranoia , having a software firewall (besides hardware) eliminates potential threats and applications an administrator does not want accessing the net. Hardware firewalls can only block by a series of ports , where as a software firewall blocks on a physical level.

For a normal home user a simple firewall will do , and will prevent a significant amount of malicious threats , that some hardware firewalls do not detect.

cough...Im pretty sure that Cisco PIXes are capable of application level filtering, as well as being a stateful layer 3 firewall...some hardware firewalls specialize in IDS and have signature databases (pretty sure PIX does this too, but maybe not the lower end models)....

I wouldnt brush off the security offered by a REAL hardware firewall. Theres a reason PIXes are used in big businesses...

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[quote name='jaclaz' post='470375' date='Feb 25 2006, 09:08 AM']Looky here, this one must be tested too:


hey jaclaz i was just going to post about that here. I'd like to hear some feedback from the people who try this. :)

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