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SAV 9 - Symantec AntiVirus 9.0


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But the NAV versions are far from what we want - the SAV is better since NAV is more heavy on the system.


Wow, Cool!

Yet another Symantec/Norton bug. I love them. :P


Yup, me too - always would recommend Symantec products. The fact is that Symantec still is the best in business, in their niche - no other product has as much flexibility, capability (or suitability to system administration, as indeed we have been seeing). And it does its core job well - As much as our dear anti-Symantec flamers try to make the scene foggy (by talking of virus detection, blocking, etc.) - it still detects viruses as perfectly as I'd like to, and I love its script-blocking abilities and IM protection. But in the last couple of years, there's been one-slip-too-many. Unless you're dealing with the absolute latest hardware, there's just no way the Norton 2004/2005 series will sit lightly on your machine.

Personally, I've stayed with NAV2002 for my machine at home. And at the time this thread was started, there was a need for some SAV deployment - so thought I might as well have the latest version deployed since anyway SAV series doesn't suck-out as much resources as Norton 2k4/2k5.

I still support Symantec. But since some time, I've been checking out other options. And I've almost totally moved over to ZoneLabs. See the latest ZoneAlarm SecuritySuite - it has firewall/antivirus/IM-protection/data-protection - and a good interface to control all of it properly. Its perfectly suited to the company gateway (to block viruses at source itself, without letting it spread to client-PCs). And you don't need to worry about computer-illiterate employees since just one good admin is enough to manage it at the central server. I just can't stop raving about the huge time-dividend (in terms of not much work needed to maintain it) I got ever since I replaced 30 troublesome NAV clients, with one ZASS at the gateway. (and yeah, just as Symantec, there are lot of anti-ZoneAlarm people too, I prefer to ignore!)

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Well for now I would LIKE to stay with SAV 9.0, I also have 8 but havent used it in some time.

I have done the following test on SAV 9 to try and fix the problem with no luck.

I first completely disabled SAV, disabled all the services and startup items.

No luck with the page file.

I then did a scan for any file with the word pagefile in it. Lots of files there but no leads.

I was looking through the files of the SAV setup. of course a ton of Dlls.

I am going to start the long task of deleteing each dll 1 by 1 from the system and see if they are causeing the problem.

Right now from what I can tell is the SAV install is doing something since SAV is completely disabled and the I still have the pagefile error.

God I love a Challenge! LOL

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What about SAV 8.0?

SAV 8.1 installed with /qn doesn't have that problem. My page file is set to 200 mb. I didn't like SAV 9.x much, and still use the older version. The page file bug is a pretty major one...

What theme is it on your screenshot, if you don't mind me asking? Reply in PM - ok.

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OK I tested SAV,,, and finally

I have the page file problem on EVERY single one. and of course for each one once you uninstall and reboot the problem is fixed. Anyone know how to get ahold of symantec to bring this to there attention.

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Basicly when SAV is installed you can no longer resize the pagefile on C:\.

Now if you have another drive to pagefile on or you have over a gig of ram then this wont be problem for you since you dont need to mess with the pagefile. (if you lots of ram the page file is barley touched)

But on systems with low ram the pagefile is used alot and the bigger you make it (to a point) the better. But if you cant rezie it or put it on a different drived your screwed.

To some this isnt no big deal, to admins and techs like me performance means everything and the pagefile plays a role in it.

So you mess with my performance then it is a problem :-D

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I've already spent such an obscene amount of time with their tech support for the issue that I described earlier, I would hate to spend that kind of time again only to be told "we're working on it." Would rather go through a root canal.

I'm curious if anyone out there has seen a change log for SCS 2.01 or for SAV 9.01. Try as I do, I can't find any information. I suppose that's why I blow $2,500 a year for "Gold Support." :wacko:

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not to sidetrack the discussion, because I'd love to see a resolution to the pagefile problem, but I'd love to get a link to "nonav". I didn't know that it even existed until Pesko mentioned it, and it'd obviously make my testing much faster/better... thanks!


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Actually I got it from a co-worker who also has several licensed clients for this product. I was browsing through the documentation and it does appear legit. I asked about a corresponding version 2.02 for SCS but no luck there.

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