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  1. What's the purpose of integrating MUI? Consider localized version then... Silent install is just one command, really.
  2. Generally, it does not matter, as both folders (i.e. %systemroot% and %systemroot%\system32) are in the PATH by default.
  3. I beleive the settings are the same. You just have to make sure they don't get overwritten. For example, this post provides the solution. Instead of importing someone else's settings, export yours, and then import them.
  4. Won't comment on shortcut.exe, but nircmd will work for you.
  5. The command you listed simply extracts SETUPORG.EXE file packed in a cab archive. It has nothing to do with txtsetup.sif. Evidently, you have to clarify you question.
  6. Unless keyfinder launch is restricted by policies Also, you may want to hide the key from everybody who can access the medium. Link on the subject Windows XP Service Pack 1 Volume License Product Key Encryption
  7. Windows does not create "New user" automatically, you're right. You've serched for "net user", but have you searched for "new user"? It's still a shot in the dark. Anyway, you know the command to delete the "new user"
  8. The reason you're not getting any answers is because you question does not provide any useful info. Start with publishing your answer file and explain your problem as clearly as you can. Remember, telepathy is a rare gift, and not everybody here got one
  9. Looks nice, guys. All these cute buttons surely appeal to kids, but I had hard time figuring out where the code button was This is what I found: Keyboard Layouts000419. When I insert a backslash before the first 0, it's not displayed. Moreover, the first 0 is getting truncated. Code tag doesn't help. I has something to do with 0 after the backslash. Try and see what happens. It may mean that some tweaks got really messed up...Thx.
  10. Now, this is an interesting question - "phonetic" really caught my attention, because I use one myself I don't know what exactly you're using, so I'll describe a general method I use, and hopefully you'll figure it out form there. I do not replace any system file. I just use an alternative dll and change the registry parameter to point to this dll. Specifically, I use KBD1251Y.DLL as an alternative (phonetic) Russian layout. Note, that standard layout is KBD1251.DLL. All you need to do is: 1. Copy the DLL file to %systemroot%\system32 2. Import the required registry settings. The registry tweak is REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layouts000419] "Layout Text"="Russian";the layout name "Layout File"="KBD1251Y.DLL";the alternative layout file Where 000419 is the language code you want to switch to phonetic layout. $OEM$ folders can be used for copying the DLL, and the tweak can be combined with other tweaks. Alternatively (and this is what I do), make a little SFX archive and launch it with any method you know. Good luck! As for the other questions, it makes sense to work "one question per thread" instead of answering all your questions in one topic. P.S. I don't see a backslash between Keyboard Layouts and 000419 in the tweak code. Make sure you insert one.
  11. Oh, now I see what the PM was about You're welcome!
  12. oioldman & LLXX First of all, Sony installed rootkit via CD, and typically CD-ROMs are not considered removable media. Secondly, autorun is not intended for advanced users who know what to do when they insert a medium or plug in a flash drive. It is aimed at people who need guidance and use Windows Explorer. Many of them find this small dialog box very useful whenever they connect a camera or a flash drive. It may be the case with "in laws", btw. Finally, we're just trying to restore the original Windows functionality here, so the question seems pretty reasonable to me. Cheers
  13. Pretty much all group policies have their registry equivalents. In your case it is HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System!LocalProfile !parameter means: parameter=dword:00000001 (enabled) or dword:00000000 (disabled) Source: Group Policy Reference Alternatively, you can distribute .adm files.
  14. Ok, you've explained what you had tried before I posted my message. Now, have you tried what I suggested in that message?
  15. It's not clear what parameters you actually tried to change. Download TweakUI and set the autoplay options in there: My computer - Autoplay - Drives / Types.

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