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  1. I guess I have no choice but to stay with version for now. And perhaps for the next few years, I dont know. I do agree with you. It is just sad though, would have loved to have a reliable antvirus that also protected against spyware too. Guess I cant win them all. From here on out I will no longer use 10. maybe when they fix it. Perhaps it is time to start looking else where. But not a lot of good corp. choices out there. So I am lost for now. Shane
  2. I agree. I remeber when me and you went over the page file issuse with v9 I even got ahold of sysmantec and told them, look here is the problem here is how you fix it. The woman I talked to was very nice and said thank you very much, and she would let the programmers know. She also said they had a help document waiting to be released but it never was. Then it took there programs till v9.0.4.1000 to FIANLLY fix the page file problem with some other bugs. yet they could have fixed it a long time before that. Now I see a** soon as they get all the kinks out of 9 they release 10 and it is loaded with bugs from day 1. and not minor stuff. things you see right off the get go and yet they still release it. They take forever to release a fix, which now a cd has to be sent to me before I get the updates instead of a download. They say it is to stop pirates, but it makes no differance. So instead I have to suffer for there bone headed programmers and managment. I must say, symantec was always my fav. But things are really starting to change now. Only reason I still use them, cause I know they will be around a long time and have years more exp. that other companys. I have tried other antivirus and they suck compared to the test between them and SAV. but sadly now SAV is able to protect against viruses but kills the system in the process. Anyways, as I find out more I will let you know, and anything you may find out will be great. Shane
  3. Went ahead and uninstalled and reinstalled So far this seems to have helped, but no way to tell for sure. Remember the systems need to be running for hours before they start messing up. Say if they are turned on at 9 am they will start messing up around 3 pm. On thing I did notice is when is installed and when the system starts to really mess up the rtvscan.exe is well over 50mb of memory. For now I will test with The only reason I wanted these systems updated was with 10 it also helps auto protect agains spy and ad ware. 9 doesnt. other than that 9 worked fine for me.
  4. One thing I will try is changing the auto protect to not scan any file that is ran, and just have it scan files that are created. This should tell me if it is SAV or not. Edit: Holy crap! on 2 systems I just tried, the performace when opening programs has just doubled. Before it would take lets say 3 sec. to open fire fox on my amd 64 3500+ with 1 gb of ddr400 ram. By simply changing the auto protect to only scan files that are created and not ran firefox now opens in a blink of an eye. Of course this needs more testing, But I do like the performance increase, but I am not sure if it is wise to change the auto protect to not scan ran files. maybe on a non network it would be fine. But I am not sure. Any thoughts would be great. Shane
  5. Ok let me give some more info. I am using the version of the antvius. All scans have already been disabled. I know how to work and setup sav. This appers to be another bug like I found in 9 about the pagefile issuse. Simply saying try 10.1 doesnt help. I am fully aware of the problems of the startup scans, if you look I am one of the first ones to bring it up in this thread.
  6. Anyone having trouble with programs starting slowly when SAV 10 is installed? I just updated 3 systems from sav 9 to sav 10. Now all 3 are opening programs very very slowly and shutdowns take 20 min. BUT if you reboot the system is good for a few hours. I have even noticed it on my machine as well. So so far 4 workstations updated from 9 to 10 and ALL are running things VERY slow. but once the apps are open they run just fine and normal. Also on 2 new installs this is also happening. Almost like the auto protect is causing the slow down of the exe when it tries to run. Any ideas? Thanks. Shane
  7. Yes there should be. I havent had time to try. But on the SAV cd of all earlier versions is a tool to pre config sav of its default setting during install. I am sure this is covered there but I havent had time to check. I am sure there is info on it somewhere.
  8. I can see how in theory a auto scan would be nice. but my god over 100mb of memory and 100% cpu? thats just dumb. I am a programmer and performance is always key. Seems who ever came up with this idea must be new to the game. Any one read the dilbert comic? I think sav 10 has the same management :-P
  9. I have used 9 for a while now and got everything work out of it, I still had to use my pagefile fix with it though. 10 doesnt have the pagefile bug which is the only nice thing. So far the only thing between 9 and 10 is 10 also looks for spyware and adware, otherwise still the same engine. So as with any new release there are a lot fo bugs. So I will keep useing 9 for the time being. Once an update or two comes out for 10 thing I will upgrade.
  10. Yes that is what I said hehe. But the thing is though we dont want it as a default so need to disbale it in the setup most likely with the grt.dat file maybe ( I may have the file wrong, its been a while.)
  11. Be careful. I installed 10 to test it. By default it sets a startup scan which when you start windows it takes over 100mb of memory and 100% cpu , on my system it never stopped until I opened sav. then it quits. For now you can simply right click on the startup scan and delete, problem solved. I cant belive they put this as a defult for install. I am really starting to wonder about them. So until I find out how to pre set stuff for the install like with version 9, I am out of luck to make this perfect yet.
  12. I did some search in the forum and cant really find what I am looking ofr. If I have missed anything just point me to the right thread. Basicly I dont want to keep having to update my cd with windows update fixes, not to mention I am out of room on the cd. Now so far I have SAV 9 and spybot set to update from the command line and I would like to be able to do the same with windows update. So basicly I would like to tell windows to download all updates and install them, silently of course, after which my batch file continues. Any ideas on this?
  13. Well after a lot of testing and yelling at the screen I have found the reg fix works but not on the automated installs. Turns out for some strange reason after the auto install you simply need to open and close SAV for it to take effect. Strange and still works but not good enough for me and my auto installs. So thanks to rogue I started playing with the grc.dat file. Now the auto install works with the fix and no reg file needed So just put this file in the same dir as the setup of SAV and you should be all good to go. Please let me know if anyone has any trouble. Me and rogue make a good team LOL grc.dat
  14. Sorry guys, but the pagefile fix wont work if the exclude check box isnt checked. so this fixed reg file will take care of it. sorry I didnt see it last time. Just simply run this reg file after you install sav once you reboot the settings will take effect. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\LANDesk\VirusProtect6\CurrentVersion\Storages\Filesystem\RealTimeScan] "ExcludedByExtensions"=dword:00000001 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\LANDesk\VirusProtect6\CurrentVersion\Storages\Filesystem\RealTimeScan\FileExceptions] "C:\\Pagefile.sys"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\LANDesk\VirusProtect6\CurrentVersion\Storages\Filesystem\RealTimeScan\NoScanDir] @=dword:00000000 pagefilefix.reg
  15. Also on one note I replyed back to that with our fix LOL. Maybe they will get it fixed faster now.
  16. Holy pizza toppings batman!!! I got a reply from symantec and they are going to fix the problem hehe;
  17. Well there is no way to set the pagefile inside the program. But you can from the reg. here is the reg fix for the pagefile problem B) And it works ok. so now you can run this as part of your XP setup and the pagefile will be ok. At least it has for my tests. EDIT: I updated the reg file later in this thread.
  18. RogueSpear, is a officle release, they just simply havent updated there site? I like to use the latest build at all times, so if this build is safe I would like to use it, but if it is a beta of some kind then it would be nice to know. I read the release notes you put up, but it only says but nothing about it. HHMM maybe I need coffee
  19. well with my SAV when I go to tell it the certain files to ignore pagefile.sys isnt listed :-(
  20. Well belive it or not I got the pagefile problem fixed, but I dont know if the fix is wise to use. Basicly it is still a bug in SAV cause the pagefile works fine if it is on a different drive other than C:. Now when you go to config the auto protect and tell it to exclude certain files the pagefile isnt listed. So the only option was to tell it to ignore all files with the extension sys so dont scan any files *.sys. I rebooted and it my pagefile was fixed. By the way this problem is even on XP sp1. Now I am not sure or not but is it wise to ingore sys files? since I have now seen what is causing this problem it would be such a easy fix for symantec but for some reason I cant see them fixing it.
  21. Well I got ahold of build and the pagefile problem still hasnt been fixed. I had to get this build off another tech (not sure why it isnt on there site) And of course still no reply to my comments on the page file from symantec I even sent them an email!! It is just so hard to think that symantec is acting like this. You would think they wouldnt. This is VERY dissapointing.
  22. well I just posted the same msg again to a new topic, I will get there attention one way or another until this is fixed. I cant belive how dumb they are all they say to others is "its not our fault". And dont even look into it. Man I hate that!
  23. Well its been 5 days now since I made that post to symantec about the pagefile problem and still no reply, yet the other posts on there they replyed within 2 days or less. hhhmmm wonder why they havent responded to mine?
  24. God I hate spelling, I type so fast I always get my letters wrong. Anyways yes the program is written in VB but the default runtime files are part of xp from the get go. And as you can see others have used it without any trouble or adding anyother files.

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