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Easy RunOnceEx.cmd

Do you want it to be easy to create RunOnceEx.cmd  

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  1. 1. Do you want it to be easy to create RunOnceEx.cmd

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hi all

this is completely new for me.but this looks good.

i copied my some fav softwares to a folder.some of them use reg cracks and some of them use direct exe patchers.so how to use this RunOnceEx.cmd.

i will give u my fav sotware location and names can u make a cmd for me.

and after making it how to integrate it in to iso

pls help me


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  • 2 weeks later...

Please excuse me for not posting for a while, but i have been in a car crash and my right arm was (and still is) broken in 18 different places. My left arm is badly brused. the recovery will not be anytime soon, thus meaning that i am unable to respond quickly to any posts. if you have any questions, please keep them posting and i will answer them as soon as i have a bit of strength in my right arm (the arm wich i use to control my mouse. left isnt going to well to control the mouse)

Greetings Chris

p.s. if i'm return in full to the forum, i will answer all your questions. i'm going to stop now, because i'm exhausted from typing this little piece of text

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Few program switches that i couldn't find in your db:

Microsoft Office 2003 Proffesional

setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-

You have to create Unattended.MST with Micrososft Office Resource Kit 2003 for this to work). Microsoft Office XP and 2000 are very similar but you need to get coresponding version of Office Resource Kit.

Lotus Notes 5.02+

Setup.exe -s -f1 SETUP.ISS

As with Office you need to create SETUP.ISS file before using this command.

Cisco VPN Client

vpnclient_setup.msi /qn REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS

Ppl should remember here that cisco vpn '"cuts out" inet connection for one moment while installing itself, so either put it last in line or just don't use network drive as source.

Hope this will be usefull for anyone (and added to your program)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi and well done on a great tool :)

(just trying it out myself now)

Sorry to hear about the accident and all the best for a safe recovery.

Best Regards & Wishes,

Nathan H.

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I love the tool Eagle, it's saved me a fair bit of time, but when I add an entry and try to move it up, the entry loses focus and I have to keep clicking on the new entry then the up button move it up. I also found the down button down't work.

I had to resort to cutting/pasting the entry in the .cmd file then letting you file change the prefix number for me. Would it be too much to ask for you to fix this for me?

EDIT: Holy crap dude I just read that you broke your arm, hope you're well on the road to recovery. Take your time.

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Sorry, maybe this is a very stupid question.

can i use all commands (like copy, del...) in the runonceex.cmd? (I want the runonceex.cmd to copy some files for me. Or is it better to let the runonceex.cmd start another batch file which does the job?)

thanks for your help

& best wishes to Eagle, hope the healing goes well.

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@Se7eNdUsT: I'm returning a bit more as of now, so i can work on that problem. i was already aware of it, but thanks again for letting me know

@silverblue51: Yes you can use any command in it, because it is just a normal windows xp batchfile :D

@ everybody. thanks for your support while i was away

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HEy man!

just found this thread and quite like it. usefull little helper ur proggi is!

wish i could contribute something like that myself.

sorry to hear about ur unlucky experiences with cars.stay close to the pc.is healthier :P !

anyway.all the best for u and ur lill' project (if still continued)


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