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  1. Now that sucks! Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe/Premium has SATA 2 but has SLI.
  2. What fan would you use with the xp-90? They recommend the Panaflo 92mm one, it's quite loud though. But I guess whilst just idling in windows it could be turned down then when gaming put up to full speed.
  3. To be honest typing http://www.linksysinfo.org as well would've taken up too much extra time.
  4. Some of those kills on the video are ridiculous! But I can see some of them being necessary as when someone is running you want to shot in front of them so bullet and body meets. However, at close range or other situations that's not true and you get it by the built-in h4x0r!
  5. Supreme Commander AKA Total Annihilation 2! Earth 2160 doesn't look too bad either. HL2: Lost Coast better not have a lame ending like HL2 does. Interested in the series coming up on Steam, although not sure about having to pay for each 6 hours worth of gaming...guess depends on the price.
  6. $100?! That's like over £50 which is ridiculuos for a game. I read your post as mean <=$100 per game. Surely they're like $40? So to answer your question: GTA San Andreas of course, PC version can do better graphics but either platform is open to you!
  7. The Belkin Wireless Pre-N is also a good router, it has MIMO. But according to Belkin to get the maximum speed you have to use their Pre-N cards/adpaters in you computers... A cheaper model without MIMO but absolutely stonkingly fast is the KCorp Lifestyle KLG-575. My old Linksys BEFW11S4 still fairs reasonably and after updating the firmware today (only 3 years since I last did it!) I hope some issues will be resolved. If I spent what I did at the time again on wireless kit I could buy a LAN events worth of kit!
  8. It used to look like this £20 case:
  9. Nice stuff everyone, thought I'd better show my last attempt at modding: Afraid was a bit of a rushed job to get it done before i16 (UK LAN event) and in my mind unfinshed but I'm doing a new case now so it'll stay like this! No prizes for guessing the theme or what I was going to play at the LAN! I had the 'Counter Strike" text made in the CS font, but I think my favourite applique was the logo for Barnsley FC (uk soccer club) for a friend who supported them, had it made from a website which annoyingly I've lost the address for! Modding can be done quite cheaply and lots of stuff for free! Depends how much time you have. You don't have to buy mod stuff for computers other things will do too, best place to start is local DIY/hardware store lots of things can be found there. Electronics stores like Maplins or Rapid are also handy, they've now started doing lots of pc mods but you can still do the old favourite fan quitener or LEDs for a few pence compared to predone mods that are about 10x as expensive! What it used to be:
  10. I did do a window cut, but it was on the top of the case. Used a jigsaw and a file! Bought a cheap window mod which I now regret as comes with that horrid black rubber, seen severl much better ones with metal that you can put on the edges if you can't be bothered to sand them yourself! Any way it was my first mod and wasn't planned and stuff just got bunged together so it gives it a retro look! The side panel I just had a piece of plastic cut for the whole side, they could also cut in fan holes and whatever stuff I could've wanted! I quite like it as it's the whole side: Can you spot the theme Cables could do with tidying again! I also painted the drive bays and the front black, never got round to the top! Also painted a 92mm fan from the Zalman flower UV Green but when I swapped over motherboards I couldn't be bothered to move it so just stuck with a volcano 11 with different fan!
  11. Recording stuff of the TV quickly eats space. A weekly 30 min show ends up about 180Mb, most series of stuff are like 20 episodes, there's 3.6Gb! A few shows a week that you want to record, a few seasons later just imagine the size! Take the Simpsons for example, what's it on like the 16th season? I can only guess that it's about 20-30Gb! My discs: 500Gb raid, 200 Gb fitted in external caddy, 80 Gb system and applications and there's a 80 and 60 Gb ones left lurking from old computers that don't really have a use just yet. Probably backup could be an idea! Does put me a 80 Gb short of 1TB ...ooh found a 5 year old 10 Gb one, only 70 to go...!! I remember a friend having a 512 Mb hard drive which you could get Windows 98, Word, Excel and one game at a time on it! If we wanted to play a new one you had to unistall the previous!
  12. Case wise I personally like the Thermaltake Tsumani Has 120mm in and out plus a 92mm above the cpu on the case. Comes in silver/black and windowed/not. http://www.thermaltake.com/xaserCase/tsunami/tsunamimenu.htm It's about £70-£75 in UK. (That's $130~ might be cheaper in US I don't know.) But if you want it totally silent and money's no problem...: 0dB system! Some Zalman products are pretty good, I've had a flower for the last 2 years and it's the quietest and coolest 2500+ XP I know! Plus the northbridge coolers work well to cut those whining 40mm fans. Other solutions are to fit the fans with 7v or 5v, which makes them quieter. Simple to do yourself or a cheap mod to buy. Maybe a rheobus or fan controller, varies from simple 3 way switches or knobs to an LCD screen with thermistors and probes! Get some soundproofing material, grommets for fans to stop resonance. The list is endless ! www.quietpc.co.uk has some products that may give you ideas - pricey but useful resource.
  13. Or go for the X2 4400 as had 1Mb (well 2Mb) of cache and can easily overclocked to 4800 - assuming you want to do this. I like OcUK for looking for products as it usually only has top spec things, often has big pictures and useful specs/direct links to manufacturer's website specs page for the product. Although, I have to say that I have found some items cheaper on OcUK than other places. Ebuyer does US as well doesn't it? But I'm sure there's a whole host of US online retailers that I have no idea about Is the mushkin redline 4000 the ones that need a higher voltage? I read somewhere that some of them need higher than 3v - the A8N-SLI Premium only goes to 3v max. so I'm guessing you'll need the DFI as was suggested. What about hard drives? SATA raid/ SATA II options.
  14. You mean on the right hand side where it says Next Newest and has the section your in link? hm well, personally still think tree would be better as I may want to return to the level up from that, or to the main forum page. But there's no point talking about it as:
  15. By posting in here I'm a new user, however, it's not my first post. It is just adding to my world wide forum stats, more stars, more statuses, more weight (of speech/text), more weight, more time. Made a bootable cd of Windows XP and integrated SP1 back in the day using Bart's guide and bcd. Half way through buying a new computer (ie. have the case, motherboard, ram plus few bits but no cpu, graphics card..) and wanted a installation of XP SP2. Altering the SP2 file for the SP1 in Bart's guide didn't quite work and with no understanding why I went in search of the solution. ***Ta-Daah!*** www.msfn.org provided the solution. But they also provided a lot more. Currently making an unattended XP installation dvd in memory of the evening at uni when for no reason entire computer just wouldn't work at all and reinstalling windows was the only solution. Nothing beats installing windows at 2 am, apart from installing windows, office, drivers, patches, updates, settings at 2 am so I can use it in the morning to do work! Now I no longer live in fear of this moment and I can now be sound asleep at 2am whilst the computer fixes itself. Also into modding, haven't looked to see if this appears in this forum but if it doesI'll post some pics.
  16. I'm sure it has a name but I don't know it so I'll try and explain this: Could you (the admin of this great forum) put the tree link at the bottom of the page. I mean the (for example) "MSFN Forums > Miscellaneous > Site & Forum Issues" Links. It just saves scrolling back to the top if you want to navigate back! Laziness I'm sure but I'm assuming it's about 1 (small) line of code to implement! Thanks.
  17. Rapidshare also refuses to work for me regardless of browser or popup settings. Just says I've requested file x which has been downloaded y times. Then just does nothing. Refreshing, resubmitting doesn't work and often ends with ip is already downloading a file please wait until it's finished. so.. If someone were to send the two files to me I can mirror them on a 'normal' site. to alexjj_AT_gmail.com Obviously replacing _AT_ with the @.

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