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nLite - Windows reduction tool


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@GrimSage, it's on mine, redownload, fixed, thanx

edit: fixed another thing, when selecting new dir or after slipstream there could be an error due to new directory tree, fixed, also silent update, redownload if you had such a problem.

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@ anyone

can someone tell what I'm selecting that

would prevent sleep.exe from runnig infact

it throws a balster that says

16 bit app can't run in systm32\config.nt.

close or ignore

or something like that



only with beta 5 6 and 7

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@ZuluDC, ok, i'll try something else later

@bonedaddy, ok, do you have command.com, config.nt and autoexec.nt in system32 ?

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First post in this forum. Thanks to nuhi for such a GREAT idea/app!

I've been wishing for something like this for a long time.

Just a few questions (read thru all the posts & didn't see it mentioned)

After burning the .iso to a disc, I note the different file/folder structure compared to the standard XP install disc. Q #1: This disc can still boot up for installing?

Q#2: since I don't have VPC or an extra machine to play on, if I wish to do a clean install over a current XP partition, what's the best way to go? Will the nlite allow me to reformat the part. I wish to use, or?

Sorry, these are probably stupid questions, but just wanting to make sure before I jump in. :)

That's for all the great info shared here. :rolleyes:

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Just like to say great program...haven't made my unattended install yet, but did just grab this and ran a test with vmware...and well, it worked perfectly, took out allmost everything i could too. It's insane the difference that it makes to the size of the cd, with all that crap that we don't even want :)

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Sorry my english is bad

i come from ROC(chinese taiwan)

I use nLite BATA6 can patch my xp(version cht) but when i finish install xp

i can not go into desktop (default mode)

when chang to safe mode i can go into desktop

and then i use version eng to patch (it is ok can be used)

but when i add lang and Font to support my lang (because cversion eng let my docs show ^&*%(*^^*(^)

i can not work

please help me


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Congrats on, and thanks for, a great program :D. Works like a charm for me - press a button, get a coffee, done!


#1 : Yes, after shrinking this CD behaves just like a normal XP installation CD, except that it can only be used as a full install , booted from CD (the upgrade options are removed). The directory structure is not really 'different', just a lot of extra crap has been removed that is not needed.

#2 : nLite just cuts down the size, no other changes are made, and this is only in the CD creation stage, so when you boot the CD in your computer it behaves just like a normal install - you have the usual options to create and delete partitions, choose install locations etc etc etc. As mentioned above, the upgrade options are generally not avaliable after shrinking, but for XP a full install is recomended over upgrade anyway :rolleyes: . The CD can also be made unattended as usual.

Virtual PC is a free download from microsoft by the way .. you get 45 days to test it before needing to register .. but once you get hooked on unattended, there is always 'one more improvement' you can make to your CD, so personally my windows install never lasts that long anyway :)

More info Here on Virtual PC.


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Well,I must say again great tool! :D

Today I have a some free time,so I play with this tool.In the mean time I learn how configure the winnt.sif file,so now work like a sharm for me.I have only one strange message when i try to slipstream winxp home with sp2 2126.The slipstream start o.k,but when integrated is finish I have a message that something is wrong with file-try another one or do it manual!First time I try all again.Copy files in fresh folder,do slipstream and again the same message.Then I close nLite and start it again and I see that detect sp2 2126 :) ,so i made ISO,install it and everything is o,k.

I only don't understant this strange message :rolleyes:

Cheers and thanx again for your work!

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Thanks for compliments again, i needed that after all those bugs

@bonedaddy, in a day or two

@seapagan, thanks for answering

@Rudi1, oo...don't worry, i'll test it later...it works on principle of detecting is there win51ip.SP2 file being created, going to change that in next ver

sooo after 5 installs i got german bug sorted out..and maybe every other language as well.

Please test it as soon as possible if you had language bugs and i don't wan't to hear bad news :)

Now if it works you can try selecting more language releated stuff like service pack messages, lang dir ...

Others, there is nothing new.

pre-beta8 posted

- fixed german bug (maybe multilanguage)

- changed description of Distributed Transaction Coordinator service, it was responsible for disabling Component Service snap-in

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Thanks for compliments again, i needed that after all those bugs

I think there's a large group of us who would b***h slap anyone upside the head who talked smack about this program. You're providing a great service to us all and I'm sure I speak for most of us when I say that I'm willing to put up with some bugs along the way for it :)

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Thanx, well...about that...there is a problem, it would work only on german windows, use beta 7, tommorow i'll upload beta 8

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