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nLite - Windows reduction tool


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I'm looking forward to seeing what RC2 contains.

EDIT: I just checked my bug report status. It's a known issue with the Indeo Codec files and the status on it is fixed, so we shall see what RC2 brings :).

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beta 5 uploaded

- new gui

- cleaner layout of processed files

- removed DRM directory, thanks datalore (and jdeboeck)

- removed images and schemes registry leftovers, thanx ZuluDC

- remembers last selected components

- new component: Error Reporting Service

- moved services to their own group

- works under win2k (still only winxp reduction!)

- added abillity to make iso without reduction (under options, make iso button)

- added custom file list section, now you can add additional files to remove or

some to prevent nLite from removing

Tested to run from win2k on original and with sp4, no hanging, let me know if you have problems.

edit: @GreenMachine:

I am too busy making my XP CD bigger, but you sure have woken the natives! If you need some advice on crowd control, let me know! (And mostly, keep up the good work.)

:) will do, nice to see you here

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Very nice! The new GUI is much better.


To save on text and in general make it easier to follow, I suggest having a standard place to put the "Recommended" or "Not recommended" text. Maybe next to or below the "Compent Category - Component Name" area in the Item Description box.

Having "Recommended" in a green color and "Not recommended" in red would also be cool. :)

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Sorry...bad news here (but that makes the high quality of this tool not smaller :) ).

When i try to create an XP-ISO under w2k nlite brings me a fault message about no writeaccess to HIVEDEF.INF when i show nlite the path to the XP-files. A right-click on the i386 folder let me see that no writeaccess exist there (or on some files that lays in there). I think this is default on the XP-CD, isn't it? Changing it to have full writeaccess to i386 and all folders and files in it makes that the faultmessage gone.

This happens by building:

Controls enabled

Calculating size...done

E:\xp\ (502MB)

Windows XP SP1 detected (5.1.2600.1106)

Recommended to slipstream SP2

Choose Slipstream on bottom left or configure existing version by clicking Next

Click Start to begin reduction

Extracting drivers...done

Building file list...

Then it stands still here...no log-file was made (or i haven't seen it).


The stringencoding-fault isn't gone (made an 148MB ISO under XP and short tested), but it still makes me smiling how problemless the setup with such a megasmall-ISO does gone throught. In the attached picture are some (not all) of this encoding problems marked.



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@Datalore, thanx, will change it

@ZuluDC, many thanx, so i need to remove read only attribute, probably that was the main problem all the way, finally pinned down, until it's fixed, everybody, remove read only from your files and folders :)

I sent you PM to send me your hives, so i'm asking you again, rar, send, me fix it

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@ZuluDC, i can verify it, even under xp :)

Fixed, will be uploading when test install finishes

Receiving mail...that will be fixed tommorow, i'm done for today.


beta 6 uploaded

- fixed readonly bug (building file list bug)

- slightly faster file processing

- reduced another 3-4MB no matter what you select

- msconfig.exe moved to CustomKeepFiles box

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Nuhi, your pace for developing and improving this code is awesome. If you worked at Microsoft, we'd be tweaking Longhorn, not waiting for WinXP SP2! Thanks for the great work.

Tested with my custom English install... flawless.

Tested with an XPCREATED Russian install... also flawless (if I don't touch any language settings.)

Just incredible! :)

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@Nemesis300, :) I'm going slightly mad

@SibTiger, :rolleyes: thank you, Russian version works...Slowly conquering all Languages, now there is a German bug

If you read few posts before, nLite almost became bloatware, it's hard to resist the dark side

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Umm dunno if its been happening to all, but somehow now my Fast user switching is not working anymore ! i think its due to the removal of Terminal services !

I first use xpcreate, then use nlite

Can anyone confirm this please ?



PS regarding the indeo bug, just before installing the K-lite codec pack run this command :-

REN %systemroot%\system32\iac25_32.ax iac25_32

That should take care of that..

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I'm betting you're using SP2 as well, aren't you.  If you are, it's a bug with that.  If you aren't, then I don't know :rolleyes:.

EDIT: I'm serious about that being a bug.  Others of us have reproduced it when slipstreaming SP2.  It's mentioned in the SP2 Bugs thread in the WindowsXP Forum.

Yes. I'm using SP2 2126.

Thank you.Dude :)

nLite Beta 6 havn't such problem.

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Can someone pls confirm the problems of fast user switching, its really annoying.. i've setup 4 times to sort this bug but its not working.. i cant get it to work as a normal service..



EDIT : i checked the orig sources from xpcreate and they work well, its only after nLite that the terminal services stops responding..



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