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Alternatives to commercial software


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I'm looking for some free alternatives to these commercial software titles. I realize half of them have trials, but they either expire in 30 days or have nags. I'm mainly looking for similar functionality, but a similar interface is also a plus. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Commercial Applications

01. ABBYY FineReader

02. Adobe Photoshop CS

03. Beyond Compare 2

04. Cyberlink PowerDVD

05. Executive Software Diskeeper

06. Hex Workshop

07. Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8

08. Macromedia Flash MX 2004

09. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004

10. Microsoft Office 2003

11. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

12. Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

13. Microsoft Virtual PC

14. mIRC

15. Nero 6

16. PowerQuest PartitionMagic 8

17. Resource Tuner

18. Tracks Eraser Pro

19. Trillian Pro 2.0

20. WinISO

21. WinRAR

22. WS_FTP Pro

Alternatives List


02. The GIMP



05. Use DEFRAG at the command line in XP.

06. Hex Editor v2.0 by HDD Software



09. Nvu

10. OpenOffice





15. MKISOFS & CDRECORD (Reason: need single integrated GUI)


17. Resource Hacker


19. Integrity Messenger, Trillian .74

20. ISOBuster

21. 7-ZIP


Color code key:

Green - Same as or better than commercial

Purple - Reduced functionality, but usable

Red - trial/nags/expires/etc

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02. The GIMP

05. Use DEFRAG at the command line in XP.

15. MKISOFS & CDRECORD, BCD uses these and works great.

20. ISOBuster

22. 7-ZIP

Everything above is either open source, freeware or already included with XP.

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Out of subject, but related:

When I use often a program, I buy it (generaly, it is not so expensive).

That's especially the case with:

03. Beyond Compare 2 (great :))

15. Nero 6 (upgraded from free OEM version to v6)

21. WinRAR

??. UltraEdit

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Yep, The MaximusDVD link does appear to be out of action...well, it's still a great proggie! :) I just checked and you can find active links to it through google.

Well, scrap that anyways...I cannot believe I forgot VLC Media Player! It will happily play DVD's (and near anything else you throw at it). :rolleyes:

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