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fast DSL


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okay i have 256/64.  :)

and, its cost me A$60 a month.. and its dynamic IP... Australia sucks...

here here.. tho i just found that Dodo internet are 29.90 for the first three months 256/64 and 49.90 thereafter.. so i'm going to go over to them.. :rolleyes:

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I'm on 512/256 with pings of 17-19ms, so its OK. A bit more upstream would be nice though, although we'll get that with SDSL soon!

T1 and T3 have identical speeds both ways, and tends to be more reliable. btw, the fastest we have in the UK is 6mbit ADSL, but that's only in central London.

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SBC Had 6.0 MB for $45 up until recently. Now they lowered the price and speed, but I've still got the older plan.

Still can get 3.0 for $37 though, or 1.5 for $27, not too shabby.

And of course, if anyone in IL wants to sign up, PM me I'll take care of ya. :)


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Raleigh, NC

Bellsouth FastAccess DSL XTreme

they have 3 spees Lite .750, Ultra 1.5 and Xtreme 3.0

This was released not long after our local cable company

boosted their service to 2Mbps

Don't you guys have Time Warner over there? I had a really bad connection in Wilmington. Sucked big time. But, the one in NYC ROCK SOLID!

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WOW AMAZING!! i live in spain and here 256/128 costs about 42$. i think it's the poor DSL in europe. soon the companies will offer services between 512 and 1mb for the same € but will still be the expensive DSL in europe :)

ps: forgot 1 thing, it's dynamic DSL

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sounds fast i need to look up my speed im using road runner with time warner  cable, any one know the speed to that off the top of their head lol, well if not ill look it up :)

3000 / 384 last time I checked. But they are beta testings 6000 / 762 ? something like that in NYC.

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