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  1. Hello All! I can't lock the workstation, until, I turn off fast user switching. I'd like to use the fast user switching. Any ideas as to the problem and a solution. The last thing I did was insstall wmp10. It did something?
  2. Hello All! I'm interested in doing some voice recognition for my im chats & emails. Was looking into a wireless bluetooth headset. But the one that's I found work only for cells phones. Anyone know of a good headset that is wireless? thx.
  3. Hello All! I'm looking for a keylogger that will send me images of the desktop, keystrokes, emails, and passwords. Any recommendations? Thx
  4. Hello All! It's been some time since I did an install for a win modem. I was going through the documentation. It states that you have to install a enumerator. I went through the hardware wizard looking for it. It never found. The enumerator is so that it can setup the com3 for the modem to operate. The usr site has the correct drivers and I've downloaded them. It still doesn't work. Is it me or maybe the modem is bad? The modem has been moved around (different pci slots) Removed registry cleaned. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  5. No body even uses netbios anymore. IPx/SPX is for Novell, I seriously doubt that anyone is running a novell server @ home.
  6. Nice stuff. What about Thermaltake Aquarius III? I'm thinking of using this unit myself. Here is the link. ThermalTake -Aquarius III - Liquid Cooling
  7. Hello All! My weirdst thing was fixing a computer for a client. My buddy and I were trying to get a mouse to work under win95. It took us 2 days for figure it out it was the ribbin cable that connect to the mobo and different set of pin outs. We made a custom cable w/ the correct pin outs. It worked perfectly. We had a whole much of cables from other mobo spare parts laying around. Non of them worked, that's why we made the custom cable.
  8. SIIG is exactly what I have. I'm getting a floppy drive today. Useless, I never use a floppy for anything anymore. We now have Boot CDs, recovery CDs, etc.
  9. Hello All! I got a serial ATA drive today. But I don't have a floppy... Well, I did but it was in an old system and didn't work well. So, it went out w/ the old case. Is there another way to do a clean install of XP sp2 w/ sata? Thanks
  10. that's alot guy! I got Xoops and been playing around w/ it for hrs... Yes, it was pretty easy to install too. I did manage to break it once already. I had to go into php mysql admin to change one of the fields in a table. I happen to put a theme in their and then after that the main page would not come up. So, I change the theme back to the default one. It was pretty simple so far to understand the tables and the fields layout. I want now is to change the site itself the look of it. I'm using godaddy right now for my domain & webhost. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks. I'll check it out. I was also playing around phpbb2, it was easy to install.
  12. Hello All! I'm trying to setup PHPNuke. I created the database & imported the mysql.txt file in so it could create the tables. Problem 1: The admin.php is not where the documentation said it would be. Problem 2: When I do find and launch the admin.php file it states that there is a problem w/ the MySQL server. I know that I name every correctly in the config.php file, and that there aren't any permissions issues. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I use remote desktop all the time & works like a charm. Did something @ work change. Have you tried connecting from Work to home to see if it works. The problem most likey is the work computer. Clean out your temps in your Local settings folder. If your profile is too big it will cause headaches.
  14. Hello! As far as I know, You can't. If you run the remote desktop, and a user is logged in locally it will kick the local user out. The other is Remote Assitance, but it's not like remote desk at all! The remote assistance you help a user move around your machine.
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