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Possible downgrade from iOS 12 to 10?

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iOS 10 is unsigned for your device, so no - there's NO downgrade path.

I actually prefer iOS 12, but still, I'm in a similar situation to you.  I have an iPhone 6s that had iOS 12.4.1 still on it.  Because I need to use a payroll time clock app, I HAD to upgrade iOS 15.  Now that I'm leaving that positin, and no longer needing it, I still CANNOT downgrade to iOS 12.


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I agree with Jody, 12 is rather good! Just don't upgrade any further on the old devices, like this one is really slow.

4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 15.7.7 & 11 Reasons Published 3 days ago on 06/30/2023By Adam Mills

Apple’s iOS 15.7.7 update could have a huge impact on your iPhone’s performance. While most users should install the firmware right now, others are better off waiting a few hours or perhaps even a few more days before upgrading from older iOS software. iOS 15.7.7 is the latest iOS 15 upgrade for iPhone and it’s available to download right now if you own an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, or iPhone 7 Plus. The software’s not available for newer iPhones. The iOS 15.7.7 update is a minor release, but it brings important security patches to these iPhone models. It doesn’t have any new features or bug fixes on board.


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