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Startup Managers under Windows XP


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4 hours ago, AstroSkipper said:
5 hours ago, we3fan said:

So it works fine here.
KB2686509 failed to install, I don't know if that makes any difference.

When I am back on my desktop computer, I will check whether KB2686509 was installed in my system or not. 

@we3fan FYI, KB2686509 contains the file kblChecker.dll and is described as a Keyboard Layout Check. It was installed in my system on 21.07.2012. :)

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On 4/5/2023 at 7:32 PM, AstroSkipper said:

I actually created this thread because I have a problem with Glarysoft's Quick Startup. I deliberately kept the title of this thread a bit more general so that any software recommendations or problems with Startup Managers can be posted here in the future.

Now to my problem. I have two Windows XP system partitions, both with the operating system Windows XP Professional SP3 with all existing updates installed. All POSReady updates were also installed on one partition, but not on the other. In both partitions, Glarysoft's Quick Startup has been installed. Unfortunately, I have now an issue with Quick Startup in the partition with all POSReady updates. Although this issue is a minor one, maybe one of you can confirm this strange behaviour or help me to solve it. In the main program window, Quick Startup is not able to separate the application services from the Windows sevices. All of them are listed under the column application services. In the partition without POSReady updates, Quick Startup does not produce this issue. Application and Windows services are separated correctly. Here are two screenshot to demonstrate this issue:

First, a screenshot of Glary Utilities' embedded Startup Manager without this issue taken from the partition without POSReady updates:


And here is a screenshot of Quick Startup with this issue taken from the partition with all POSReady updates:


I already tried a lot to solve this misbehaviour. TBH, I assume that this issue has anything to do with the POSReady updates. :dubbio:
Any confirmation and of course tips for solving this would be much appreciated! :yes:

Kind regards, AstroSkipper drwurmdin.gif 

PS: (Da ist der Wurm drin! Translated literally: There's the worm in it! - meaning:  There’s something very wrong with it!)

Although I had thoroughly investigated the problem cited above, which I observed in Glarysoft's Quick Startup programme, over a longer period of time, I could not find the actual cause why this startup manager is not able to identify system services. Therefore, I completely uninstalled Glarysoft's Quick Startup in my Windows XP Professional partition with all POSReady updates months ago. In this partition, I have since installed a different and even better startup manager. ssuper5sur5.gif It's the HiBit Startup Manager. More about that soon.

Cheers, AstroSkipper putercatf.gif

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