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List your top 10 fave software!


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Now I've actually reformatted and reinstalled the o/s many many many of times, i just can't bring myself to rid my self of programs so i just start over :)

1) Office 2003 Pro

2) Symantec Anti-Virus 8.1 (Corp)

3) Zone Alarm Pro

4) Aol Instant Messenger with DeadAIM

5) Adobe Photoshop CS

6) Kazaa with DietK

7) mIRC

8) Leechget

9) WinRAR

10) CloneCD

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01. Xp :)

02. Alcohol 120%

03. Classic Winamp (2.95)

04. Winrar

05. Acdsee 5 (6 is too slow)

06. picaview (addon from acdsystems)

07. Opera

08. Flashget

09. Offline Explorer Enterprise

10. Trillian

11. Power DVD

12. Dvd shrink

13. Dvd decrypter

14. Dvd Genie

15. Nero Burning Rom

16. Tweak Manager

17. Azurus

18. dc++

19. Emule

20. Flash Fxp

21. Office 11

22. Borland c++

23. Vpc

24. Diskeeper

25. Quick time

26. Winiso

27. Team Speak

28. Snag it

29. Resource Tuner

30. Virtual Dub Mod

31. **** NFO Viewer

32. GameSpy Arcade

33. MSFN

did someone say 10?

I really can't do without all these

i'm starting to hate symantec products. once u install them they're everywhere, so i don't like using them.

maybe zone alarm. not so many hackers these days :rolleyes:

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On my side, in no particular order

1- PowerToys Tweak UI

2- Zone Alarm Pro

3- NAV

4- BSPlayer

5- Emule

6- Winamp

7- WinRAR

8- KazaaLite (RIP - I'll miss it)

9- CloneCD

10- Nero

11- MS Office (Word - Excel)

12- Worms 3D

Wow... 12, and I couldn't even count up to 4 while reading the thread. After that, I install every other software upon necessity.

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In no particular order:

  • Windows 2000 Professional with SP4 slipstreamed
  • MS Office
  • Macromedia Studio MX
  • Photoshop / Paint Shop Pro
  • Nmap
  • Norton Utilities
  • Opera
  • Norton Antivirus Corporate
  • Tiny Personal Firewall
  • Ultraedit
  • Nero Burning Rom
  • LeechFTP
  • Visio

(Ok not 10, but the closest to 10 I could get :) )

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  • 1 year later...

1. WindowsXP Pro and updates

2. TweakUI

3. InstallShield 10.5 SP1

4. MSOffice2003 SP2

5. Adobe PhotoshopCS2

6. Adobe Audition

7. Nero Burning ROM

8. eDonkey2000

9. MS AntiSpyware

10. NFO Viewer

(various other reg files and vbs thereafter) :whistle:

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1. TuneUp Utilities

2. WinRAR

3. freeCommander

4. CuteFTP

5. eMule

6. Acronis TrueImage

7. Symantec AntiVirus

8. ZoneAlarm

9. Photoshop

10. Opera

( No particular order )

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nLite			// simply best
total commander // complete explorer alternative
Opera // not perfect, but firefox memory leaking really drive me crazy
foobar2000 // no better in windows
mplayer // I also like mplayer classic
SmartFTP // the only ftp client have good unicode support yet
flashget // pretty good. but it has been staying still for a long time
ghost // saves lots of my time
ultraedit // although I still think it's interface is ugly
daemon tools // foolproof & flawless

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1. Panda AV 2006 (best spyware & virus blocker on the planet)

2. Firefox (/w some essential plug-ins)

3. Winamp

4. EditPlus2 (my fav text editor & simple coder IDE)

5. Photoshop

6. 7-Zip (WinRar is lame)

7. Forte Agent (for Usenet, not the best app, I'm just use to it)

8. SpyBot (just as a double check, but Panda has always caught everything so far)

9. Visual Studio 2005 (hey I'm a developer!)

10. Nero (it's bloatware but still the best burner)

11. EggTimer (keep track of time on a given task)

I also have some custom reg files I use, one is a series of tweaks, the other is my IE search shortcuts (ex: by typing in the IE address bar "wiki blah" I search the WikiPedia for 'blah', I have made dozens of similar ones).

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1. Windows XP Pro With SP2 and all Updates

2. Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 -the Napster

3. Ad-Aware

4. Spybot Search & Destroy

5. Mozilla 1.7.12 + Some of the Extentions

6. Firefox

7. Cablenut

8. Shareaza (the best all around p2p software)

9. TuneUp Utilities 2006

10. VLC media player

Now even more to add

11. Winrar

12. Winzip

13. Winace

14. WinISO

15. WinImage

16. UltraISO

17. nLite

18. DVD Shrink 3.1

19. WinAVI 7

20. EVEREST Ultimate Edition

Now thats just a start on my personal computers. When I work on other peoples computers I try to get them to let me install either Windows XP Pro or Ubuntu (Linux) (I don't install Windows XP home on any computer its just bad for business) Then I do the basics like Winzip and Firefox and of course Spybot S&D.

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My must-have applications (14 of 'em; alphabetical order)

1. Acronis True Image

2. Adobe Photshop

3. Azureus

4. CCleaner

5. foobar2000

6. KeePass

7. Microsoft Office

8. Mozilla Firefox

9. MSN Messenger

10. Opera

11. PerfectDisk

12. ShadowUser

13. VideoLAN

14. WinRAR

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In order of must have to not so necessary

1. Microsoft Money 2006

2. Microsoft Office 2003 (or 2000 or newer version)

3. Norton Ghost 8.0 (DOS version; don't care about windows version)

4. Adobe Acrobat 7

5. Norton Internet Security Antispyware version 2005

6. TrueLaunchBar

7. Roxio Easy Media Creator 6

8. Sony Sound Forge 8

9. WinTools Extra Drive Creator

10. AllToTray

This excludes the OS itself and all the apps that come included such as:

Windows Media Player


Outlook Express


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