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Compiling ACPI v2.0 driver for Windows XP SP3 and Windows 2003 SP2 (x32/x64)

Mov AX, 0xDEAD

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I compare the VGA Device definition in the DSDT of the HP 255 g6 with the VGA Device definition in the DSDT of the Lenovo M625q.

They are different. Each DSDT contains 2 vga device declarations.

This VGA works in the Lenovo but not in the HP. XP works to full Multiprocessor Acpi on this Lenovo.

And they have the same CPU and Graphik on the integrated cpu chip from AMD E2-9000e.

So, the problem can come from this VGA device in its DSDT


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Hi, too much "ACPI0007 def #1" in DSDT/SSDT, as we know this is hack to convert Name (_HID, "ACPI0007") to Processor(...), hack has two cases with definition len 0x1A and 0x1B, probably you have another len and need retune hack again

Next, ba91ca7a: AMLI_ERROR(c0140002): AML Stack overflow PushFrame: stack ran out of space , i think AML interpreter was stopped at this point and remain dsdt was not processed

Also "ACPI0007 def #1" is from v6 patch, in v7 it is "Try ACPI0007 def #1"

Can you share raw dsdt/ssdt tables ?

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18 hours ago, Dietmar said:

May be there is another driver from vmware for graphics, that I can test. But I dont have this driver.

Hi Dietmar, this maybe:
https://www.mediafire.com/file/tgdj4xfoz4zxzws/XP2ESD_v1.6.7z/file     XP2ESD 1.6 - modern Win XP installer, XP2ESD_v1.6.7z, 4.09 GB
XP2ESD_v1.6.7z\plugins\driverpacks\DP_VMWare_XP.7z     8.39 MB

I uploaded  DP_VMWare_XP.7z  here:
https://ufile.io/wlenkyyc     DP_VMWare_XP.7z, 8.39 MB, from XP2ESD 1.6

Latest XP2ESD is v1.6.2, maybe that has newer VMware GPU driver, not sure.

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12 hours ago, Dietmar said:

@Mov AX, 0xDEAD


Can you please enlarge my upload limit here? I can upload only 800 Byte,

thanks a lot


Hi Dietmar.
I don't have the power to do that I'm afraid.
Tripredacus the forum supervisor may be able to do that, but the attachment quota for standard members is intrinsically limited I think.
You will need to delete some older attachments to free up space.
Cheers, Dave.

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