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Two galaxies interacting through tidal forces


By Chrissy Sexton - The image was captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Image Credit: ESA


Today’s Image of the Day from the European Space Agency features Arp 282, an interacting galaxy pair with the Seyfert galaxy NGC 169 on the bottom and the galaxy IC 1559 on the top. In the image, the two galaxies are visibly linked by streams of matter produced by tidal forces.

ESA says that both of the galaxies comprising Arp 282 have monumentally energetic cores, known as active galactic nuclei (AGN), although it is difficult to tell that from this image. The experts report that if the full emission of two AGNs was visible in this image, the detailed tidal interactions occurring between NGC 169 and IC 1559 would likely not be visible in the photograph. 

The gravity of a space object can distort or stretch another object, which is known as tidal forces. These forces are directed away from the lower-mass object and toward the higher mass object.

ESA explains that when two galaxies interact, gas, dust and even entire solar systems will be drawn away from one galaxy towards the other by tidal forces. ...

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Hawaiian Surfer Rides Tsunami All the Way to California Coast

Huntington Beach, California -

At 3:25 a.m. while still under cover of the darkness of predawn hours, Southern Californian authorities were alerted that a Tsunami was on its way. However, the news did not arrive by way media outlets or government officials, but by word of mouth. And in person by a man claming to have surfed on one of the many tide waves that hit Hawaii just hours earlier after Japan experienced an 8.9-magnatude earthquake.

"Aloha," said Koa Palani, 24, walking out of the surf onto the shore of Huntington Beach up to a Lifeguard truck, while carrying his surfboard under one arm and holding a lei in the other. "I bring ill tidings. A Tsunami is on its way. You must evacuate the residents of low-lying areas."

Koa Palani then collapsed on the beach unconscious from exhaustion.

Later, during the ride to the hospital, Koa Palani regained consciousness.

"You don’t understand," continued Koa Palani from under an oxygen mask. "I didn’t heed the Tsunami warning and went suffering off the North Shore anyway."

Before he knew it, Koa Palani was swept into the shipping lanes, riding the crest of a Tsunami all the way to the shore of Southern California.

Koa Palani then suddenly sat up in the back of the ambulance, a sense of urgency and concern flooded his eyes as he removed his oxygen mask to speak, "Did you warn the people?"

After receiving assurances that the Tsunami advisory was sent out, Koa Palani collapsed back into the gurney. Then after a few moments he rose up again, resting on his elbows.

"So is that like a Tsunami warning? Or what?" asked a somewhat confused Koa Palani.

- by Robert W. Armijo, on Fun Fake News...

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On 9/24/2022 at 12:01 PM, msfntor said:


The Chinese superhero: caught a two-year-old baby girl who fell from the fifth floor

A Chinese man was declared a "national hero" after he miraculously caught a two-year-old girl who fell from a fifth-floor window.

Shen Dong, 31, was parking his car in front of an apartment building in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, when he heard a loud noise.

It was a baby girl who fell from the window from the fifth floor and landed on a metal roof

Here: https://newsrnd.com/news/2022-07-25-the-chinese-superhero--caught-a-two-year-old-baby-girl-who-fell-from-the-fifth-floor---voila!-news.S1WXyuln2c.html


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Paralysed girl... YouTube comments (5 only..):


seeet sweet - 2 months ago

This hit close to home for me. I was paralyzed as young as her, too. I woke up one day in excruciating pain in my legs and realized my legs weren't moving. After being confined to wheelchair for months, I learned how to walk all over again. It was like I was learning how to walk for the first time. Bless her, what a strong little girl.


Anitha Vasudevan - 1 month ago

A million kudos to her parents who did not believe the doctor's prognosis and went ahead to change the little girl's life.. Never ever ever ever ever give up on the people you love.



The human mind is such an amazing thing. Once someone is disciplined, determined and persistent, then almost anything is possible. Kudos to the baby girl and her amazing parents who helped her to achieve this.


t74 guard - 1 month ago

This is the news the world needs to hear about. The inner strength that little girl has is incredible. Got goose bumps and a warm feeling all over. Her parents are some amazing people as well. Loved every second of this video. So happy everything is working out for that amazing girl and her parents.


John Liu - 2 months ago (edited)

This is exactly why physical therapy needs to be advocated more in the US especially when it comes to spinal cord injuries. A lot of times people in this country will always resort to medications or invasive surgeries with high risk, not to say that it’s not necessary in certain situations, but in most cases physical rehabilitation is what people need to get better in the long run. Go to a PHYSICAL THERAPIST if you have a severe physical or neurological impairment that does not require surgery! It will be a game changer!!!

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B&S @____B_S____


Abused dog feels love for the first time




Guilty face at its best



Decision making is the worst




It's so cute how the pup immediately bonded with the kids!


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