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Windows XP was released 20 years ago (24.10.2001). Happy 20th birthday to XP


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On 11/24/2021 at 6:58 PM, Dibya said:

i dont know why boot become slow

Boot becomes slow, if desktop is cluttered with icons. A cluttered desktop makes Windows take longer to load. So clean up your desktop, as well as the taskbar, and enjoy a quick start of Windows!:worship:

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"Placebo Effect".
A cluttered desktop only loads ICONS into memory and this is but a few TINY TINY TINY kilobytes of resources.
A cluttered desktop does not effect how long it takes Windows to load.
This is one of those "Placebo Effect" 'solutions' that NOBODY takes MEASUREMENTS ON because THE MEASUREMENTS PROVE THE THEORY WRONG.
If clearing your desktop gives you a warm "fuzzy", then go right ahead.
But it will NOT improve your startup time.

The truth is, people that are OCD about their desktop icons (which includes me!, btw), are also OCD about their Windows REGISTRY - and this is what keeps our computers loading efficiently.

Okay, "having said that"...
@Dibya - please run some registry cleaners.  Here's a good read to get you started - https://www.lifewire.com/free-registry-cleaners-2626176

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Since I have heard this type of "Placebo Effect" 'advice' for twenty-plus years, I'll screencap PROOF that a cluttered desktop has ZERO EFFECT on your bootup time.
I encourage all of the "non-believers" to run this test themselves - so that I don't have to spend the next twenty-plus years listening to this type of 'advice'.
Google for a freebie program called "BootRacer" - it MEASURES your bootup time and REMOVES the d@mn "Placebo Effect" nonsense, "Wow!  I cleared the clutter from my desktop and my computer boots faster."  No! It does not!

I have FIVE widescreen monitors and a LOT of room to store files on the "desktop".

Here's my screencap of my NORMAL desktop (five monitors, the black region kinda shows how all five line up) - it booted in 33.609 seconds


I downloaded a torrent of 810 landscape images and placed them on my desktop -


My bootup time DECREASED and booted in 32.125 seconds!  That's right, it DECREASED with a "cluttered desktop"!
Boot time will fluctuate a few seconds between boots, but cleaning your desktop will not cause a computer that boots in 60+ seconds to miraculously boot in 20 seconds.  Q. E. D.
The icons on the deskop go "off-screen" to the right and not on the two monitors placed "above" the first three monitors.
This desktop-clutter myth dates back to Win98 (and "maybe" is/was true for Win98), but it is NOT true for XP.


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7 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

I downloaded a torrent of 810 landscape images and placed them on my desktop

I don't follow the discussion much. But I do find that .pif shortcuts to executables can slow down things in Windows XP. Especially when you put about two dozen in the start menu, and wait for that to open.

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21 minutes ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

Never heard of a .pif  :}

Sorry it seems these shortcuts have the "lnk" extension. But the extension is hidden in the GUI. "pif" was also a Windows shortcut format, but an older one for MS-DOS executables...

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