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Mail client certificates


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Env: Win xp SP3 -
email Client is Alpine 2.22 Imap to Gmail.
ALpine is configured to acces Gmail with this parameters
when i try to access Gmail, it give me error about certificates.
i bypassed prb with
Next i performed a search and i find this msfn topic ...

so according to instructions i downloaded rootsupd.exe , the updated certificates, i packed them  with winrar and i execute the .exe from the command line withou errors.
But Alpine atill behave in the same way.
i stoppe here, because i'm ignorant about certificates, i do not know where they are stored, how to check or modify .
i create a mmc snapshot, but i do not know where to find for the gmail certificate.
Alpine 2.22 works very well on my Win 7. it give me non errors about certificates.
Thanks in advance for your support


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You can check your installed certificates by going to Control Panel>Internet Options>Content Tab>Certificates.
Or, perhaps easier to see, run "certificates.msc" which should give you a Management Console snap-in with sections to see the installed user and system certificates.

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Looks like the certificates for Alpine 2.24 are saved in a subdirectory of the program. It comes with a number of authorities included. Maybe you can export the required certificates from Firefox and copy them into this folder.

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Fixed !
I will report here what i done
Firefox google certificates are
Gtsrootr1  Gtsrootr2 Gtsrootr3 Gtsrootr4
i added certificates snap in to mmc  and i checked the above certificates:
They are installed ... so the procedure listed by heinoganda worked .
I installed Alpine 2.22 also in win 7 and it works ...Alpine 2.22 64 bit uses win 7 certs

Alpine 2.22 32 bit instead provides an addictional directory

My win xp sp3 is 32 bits,  in the ialpine 2.22 32 bits nstall.txt the developer wrote
"Copy all the certificates in the folder libressl\certs to C:\libressl\certs. Create such folder in your computer if it does not exist"
but it does not work, so i opened this topic ....
Your suggestions are right because browsing  folder  C:\libressl\ there is a README file ... (i paste here the content)

"LibreSSL will check certificates not using the certificates installed  in your Windows computer, but it will use those saved in  C:\libressl\ssl\certs.

The directory name is different, i change it according to README to C:\libressl\ssl\certs , and it works

So thanks to drive me on the right path .

Have a nice day !

P.S. Does Heinoganda is still part of this forum ? i have a question for him

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