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  1. Env: Win/ sp1 + convenience roll up a normal user (not an administrator) change visual effects settings Control Panel --> System --> Advanced system settings at this point enter the administrator psw Performance --> uncheck "Animate windows when maximizing and minimizing" Click OK --> OK and it works if the user log off and then log on again the settings are lost i find again "Animate ...." checked.... I used this as example ,but it is the same with all the other visual effects Anu help will be appreciated Thanks in advance
  2. Hi (i have some questions to ask, so i will open during these days a topic for each one... (forgive me)) Env: Win 7 x64 SP1 + convenience roll up System is very stable... Looking at Microsoft update catalog,MS realeses a monthly quality roll up for win 7 What does it means ? I have to install each one from 2016 to 2021 ? (after the convenience roll up of 2016) Or are there single files that groups the updates ? Next, If it is possible i want to update my win 7 up to the 15 Genuary 2020 message about migrating to win 10 ..What is the monthly update that introduce the warning ? Thanks in advance Maurizio
  3. asdf2345 Downloaded, executed, checked certificates , they are updated .. Thanks ! Maurizio
  4. Hi Env: Win 7 sp1 + convenience rollup fix. Prb: keep certificates updated. i want to know if the procedure described in this msfn topic is applicable also to Win 7 https://msfn.org/board/topic/175170-root-certificates-and-revoked-certificates-for-windows-xp/ (My win 7 is stable, i want to avoid to install code with updates that continuosly suggests migrating to win 10) Thanks in advance Maurizio
  5. Fixed ! I will report here what i done Firefox google certificates are Gtsrootr1 Gtsrootr2 Gtsrootr3 Gtsrootr4 i added certificates snap in to mmc and i checked the above certificates: They are installed ... so the procedure listed by heinoganda worked . I installed Alpine 2.22 also in win 7 and it works ...Alpine 2.22 64 bit uses win 7 certs Alpine 2.22 32 bit instead provides an addictional directory My win xp sp3 is 32 bits, in the ialpine 2.22 32 bits nstall.txt the developer wrote "Copy all the certificates in the folder libressl\certs to C:\libressl\certs. Create such folder in your computer if it does not exist" but it does not work, so i opened this topic .... Your suggestions are right because browsing folder C:\libressl\ there is a README file ... (i paste here the content) "LibreSSL will check certificates not using the certificates installed in your Windows computer, but it will use those saved in C:\libressl\ssl\certs. The directory name is different, i change it according to README to C:\libressl\ssl\certs , and it works So thanks to drive me on the right path . Have a nice day ! P.S. Does Heinoganda is still part of this forum ? i have a question for him
  6. Thanks to both for the quick answers. Here in Italy now is late, i will provide to update the topic after performing tests according to your suggestions. Thanks Maurizio
  7. Hi Env: Win xp SP3 - email Client is Alpine 2.22 Imap to Gmail. ALpine is configured to acces Gmail with this parameters imap.gmail.com:993/ssl/ when i try to access Gmail, it give me error about certificates. i bypassed prb with imap.gmail.com:993/ssl/novalidate-cert Next i performed a search and i find this msfn topic ... so according to instructions i downloaded rootsupd.exe , the updated certificates, i packed them with winrar and i execute the .exe from the command line withou errors. But Alpine atill behave in the same way. i stoppe here, because i'm ignorant about certificates, i do not know where they are stored, how to check or modify . i create a mmc snapshot, but i do not know where to find for the gmail certificate. Alpine 2.22 works very well on my Win 7. it give me non errors about certificates. Thanks in advance for your support Maurizio
  8. WORKS !! JACLAZ...GREAT SUPPORT !! Ciao ...Maurizio
  9. Hi Jaclaz Thanks for the answer Because the problem sounds STRANGE and hard to believe i create this batch file @echo off ipconfig /all >rndis.txt if %ERRORLEVEL%== 0 ( lpq -S -P HP >>rndis.txt ) if %ERRORLEVEL%== 0 ( timeout /T 15 ipconfig /all >nocon.txt lpq -S -P HP >>nocon.txt ) i launch the batch when Pc connect to internet via android usb tethering and i disconnect during timeout i attach rndis.txt and nocon.txt as you can see when rndis is active lpq is unable to find the printer ...mumble...mumble .... rndis.txt nocon.txt
  10. Hi Env: Windows 7 enterprise x64 (SP1 + convenience rollup kb3125574) i'm able to succesfully print to lacal device usign lpr this command works lpr -S -P HP filetoprint when i connect my laptop pc to internet using Android device USB tethering then lpr is unable to find printers i get the following message Windows LPD ServerError: specified printer does not exist i get the same message if i issue "lpq -S -P HP" i spent a lot of time isolating this error ...it is due 100% to RNDIS interface activation ...as i deselect "usb tethering" in the smartphone, lpr starts working correctly ..... thanks in advance for the support Maurizio
  11. IT WORKS !! thanks to all people of this forum currently i'm running firefox 52.9.0esr on my home test machine...i know it is the last xp supported version... usually i run application in my home desktop computer and then i pass it to my laptop....
  12. Hi heinoganda thanks for the quick answer ! ...tomorrow i will proceed installing proxy I'm running firefox 52.6.0esr and chrome 49.0.2623.112 (last xp version) ..Firefox is able to open the site,chrome and IE8 not win xp run very fast on my old laptop, and i do not want to change OS....
  13. Sent message to heinoganda
  14. Thanks to all for the great support !! i search last win xp supported version ..according to " ProxHTTPSProxy does not work on Windows XP anymore. Last working version 2.4.2 (Nov 21,2018)." i have a test machine,i will install product and provide feedback
  15. further info ... i follow the msfn guide : "Enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 in Windows XP correctly" i modified register... i installed the two updates i modified again the register then i was able to see tls 1.1. and tls 1.2 choices in internet option... i select tls 1.2 but still ie8 was not able to display tls 1.2 sites what i'm worong ?
  16. Hi env: win xp pro sp3 ... a lot of https sites migrate to tls 1.2 i need to enable it with win xp.... i follow step by step i'm able to see in advanced internet option tls 1.1 and tls 1.2..... i select tls 1.2 but my ie8 is still unable to open tls 1.2 sites here one https://comedonchisciotte.org/ any help will be appreciated regards ...Maurizio

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