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Share your experience of using Windows 7 !!

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Hello all, this is a thread created by me for you fellow MSFN users to share your Windows 7 PC specs and your experience of using Win7. I have created a similar thread on the Windows Vista forum, check it out if you have not already. I've posted my PC specs there.

BTW, I used Windows 7 from 2016 to 2017 on the home desktop back when I was a complete computer noob, and then moved on to Windows 10 for a short time, before coming back to Win7. Now I have Vista on that desktop. Also, I used Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 15 3567 (i3-6006u) from April this year till last month, when I moved on to Windows 8.1, which I found faster than 7. Still, 7 was superfast and ran waaay better than Win10, which came as an OEM copy with the Inspiron. Now I have Win7 on a VM that I use for learning a little older computer-related stuff from around 2009-2012 and using Office 2007 when I need it. 



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I started to use Windows 7 from last year until recently when I moved to Windows 8.1 because of Windows 7 EOS and dropping program support. I am a small kid lol, so I don't do very much with my computer, except for writing documents, drawing on paint and now, attending online classes. Windows 7 was wonderful for me when I used it and I loved it, while I hated Windows 10. My specs:

Dell Inspiron 15 3559

Intel Core i3 6006u



This computer was verrrrrrry slow with Windows 10, but superfast with Windows 7. 8.1 is faster still.

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I didn't had a very good experience with Windows 7. My first computer was an Azer (I don't know the spex) and it has Windows 7. It worked fine, but I don't remember how but I broke it, maybe a program or maybe the computer. Before that, I had Windows 7 in my today's daily computer (a Toshiba Satellite C855 with an I5 processor and 8GB of RAM). I didn't has a good experience using Windows 7, I remember it so slow and again, I accidentally broke it. Before that, I had Win7 on an Airish computer with 1GB of RAM and it also was verrrrrrrrrrry slow. So, I hate Windows 7 and newer Windows versions, but Win8.1 is quite faster.

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I have used it since c2q system I had with dualbooting xp. Now I run it on following: Asrock b450 gaming k4 ATX, AMD Ryzen 2700X, 2x16gb crucial ballistic@2666mhz, Radeon RX580 8GB then 1tb wd NVME ssd to boot. Used AMD own usb driver then microsoft generic nvme driver windows 7 (which is now removed to prevent peoples using win7) and got linux mint as dualboot. After getting stable ram OC have not had issues that some spread as FUD online from running win7 on ryzen (Overheating, crashing, low performance etc.). For monitor got Dell ultrasharp 2407WFP with 1920x1200 resolution that is hooked to kvm (I use same keyboard monitor to my xp and win7/linux system)

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