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Windows 10: how install Windows 98 on Virtual Box?

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my computer\ laptop:
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core Duo T9500 2.60 GHz
Ram: 4GB's

Graphics: Nvidia Geforce G 103M 512MB's dedicated...
i use the Oracle VM Virtual Box 6.0 with Windows 98.
i have some problems with Windows 98.. for now i need fix the CPU problems :(
(and maybe that's why i can't hear correctly some music)
the CPU seems to be 100%... how i know:
- the mouse pointer seems slow on move;
- it take time to open a folder\program;
- the music seems slow and sometimes don't understand it..
there a CPU fix problem or something for i resolve the problem?

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the installation warning window message: "CPU not supported"
CPU requisites:

  •  Purpose
  • This article lists the CPU requirements for running VMware Workstation Pro/Workstation Player 14.x.
  •  Resolution
  • Systems using Processors (CPUs) launched in 2011 or later are supported except:
  • Intel Atom processors based on the 2011 “Bonnell” micro-architecture (e.g. Atom Z670/Z650; Atom N570)
  • Systems using Intel Atom processors based on the 2012 “Saltwell” micro-architecture (e.g. Atom S1200, Atom D2700/D2500, Atom N2800/N2600.
  • Systems using AMD processors based on the “Llano” and “Bobcat” micro-architectures (e.g. code-named “Hondo”, “Ontario”, “Zacate”, “Llano”)
  • In addition, the following are supported:
  • Systems using Intel processors based on the 2010 “Westmere” micro-architecture (e.g. Xeon 5600, Xeon 3600, Core i7-970, Core i7-980, Core i7-990)
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You can use Qemu for running Windows 98.

Qemu (there are Windows ports) is however a bit complex to configure/set the right command line parameters.

You can try (but no guarantee it will work on your Windows 10) the good ol' Qemu Manager that can still be obtained via the Wayback Machine, Qemu Manager offers a graphical (and very convenient) interface to the VM:





If you are OK with a command line only tool, you can get recent Qemu ports here:




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For a Core duo Vmware Workstation or Player v12.5.9 is the last release you can use. As of Vmware 14 VT-X is required and binary translation is no longer offered.

With 4gb of ram you aren't going to be doing much with virtualization software so good think you're only trying to run 9x.

Note that with 9x under Vmware there will be no 3D acceleration unless you use 3rd party tools like Swiftshader or Mesa3D which will be slow.

For 3D acceleration in 9x you would use pcem but your processor is too slow and even for 2D it's too slow but you might be able to do something with 3.x or 95.


You might need to run HLT software like RAIN on 9x to reduce cpu usage as well.

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i'm using the PCEmu and seems great... it can be a little slow but very best than Virtual Box.
but i only see some problems:
1 - how config for get the right configuration for use Windows 98 or other?
2 - don't accept the SSD graphic driver, maybe, because of that configuration(on Virtual Box accept).
3 - i'm connected and i can use a browser but the Driver Genius 2007 don't detect the connection.. why?(even on Virtual Box, i get the same problem)... yes i must install some drivers that i don't have them

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DosFreak i'm using Vmware Workstation or Player v12.5.9(and installed accept automatic Windows 9x tools) and it's great.. thank you so much for all.
i need more 1 help: i can install Driver Genius 2007, and i use  the Opera Browser without problems, but don't download the drivers ou make the update drivers, because tell me that theres no internet connection... why these error?

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It is because VirtualBox does not run Windows 98 properly since it is not designed for it. So while it can run, its going to be really bad performance wise.

I personally use QEMU or PCEm for Windows 98. Both run it very well, IMO ^^ I have heard Dosbox-X and VMWare can run it good too, but I never tried either. 

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MrMateczko: i belive it NAT... i didn't changed the default values here.

now i have the drivers installed because:
1 - the VMware tools give me some drivers;
2 - i download PCI USB\Peripheric drivers;
3 - the Everest program give me the drivers ID\Vendor.

RikkaNoodles: i can have right, but the PCEmu it's too much for my CPU.. but better than Virtual Box hehehhe

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  • 4 months later...

i'm using Windows 10 64 bits with:
1 - 4GB RAM;
2 - nvidea geforce G 103M with 512VRAM;
3 - CPU intel core 2 duo T9500 2.6GHz.
now i need ask somethings before i install Windows 98 because i'm getting very problems in drivers :'(
1 - what virtual box version is best for my PC?
2 - what video\sound is the best for i create the virtual machine?
3 - how can i get the drivers for i install them without Blue Screen and\or drivers conflicts?
4 - how can i get more updates instead only the windows 98 UBCD without conflicts\bugs?

i need ask these, because i reinstalled, several times, the Windows 98 and i get several problems :'(

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Don't go over, I think the limit is 512megs of ram, for Windows 98SE.  Virtualbox emulates a lower spec video card I believe, but I wouldn't be surprised if you run into problems with Oracle dropping Windows 98se support from Virtualbox.  Windows98se expects a max of I believe 512megs of video ram.  If there are still virtualbox extensions for Windows 98se, you will want to install them.

Another tip, Windows 98se typically doesn't play well with ACPI.  Install with setup /p i I believe to disable ACPI detection.  Also, the bios should not support ACPI (Think virtualbox bios).

Some NVIDIA cards have known bugs and known workarounds for them.

I believe that 98se can be patched by an unofficial patch to allow it to handle 2 gigs of ram.

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