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How to run Steam on Windows 98?


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Hello. There is a need to run Steam on Windows 98.

There is an old working version of Steam compatible with Windows XP (Auto update is turned off).

What needs to be done to make Steam work?

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I do not think you will get very far, as the current workarounds for XP don't even work with Windows 2000 with extended kernel.

It is also very reliant on Chromium which has never liked 9x.

But most Steam games that are 9x compatible can be easily copied to a 9x system and will run with little-to-no meddling.

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If you have your steam games on a USB drive for instance try the games on say Windows7 without any Steam installation. It is surprising the number of games that are DRM free. Then once you have establish the ones that do not require Steam it is just a matter of trying them on Win98/ME. Some require NetFramework so this should be installed. Mscoree.dll has to be KEX disabled and so does the program which will limit what games will play. If I find other modules that need KEX disabling in NetFramework/assembly then the program/game might be able to be launched in what ever KEX mode. Some of the games came with an install of PhysX but they need to be old ones.

If the USB drive is 2TB or less all needs to be done is install Paragon NTFS for 98 and the drive can be used directly without consequences so long as you are just testing the game. There are some files left in the root directory.

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I originally meant to link this thread and sheet - its Gog and Steam together.. with nice how to online sheet:


   From my experience with some games its lengthy process, because of cd / audio creation etc.. and it seems that Gog intentionally using some own strange cd image formats etc.. which are not compatible with old machines.

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Welcome, defuser, to MSFN!

My main motivation to run W9x are old games, as a matter of fact, the more obscure, the better.

But even though, i know of only a very few games that only run on W9x, and not on XP. Most others run better on XP than on W9x, which is my only reason i have XP running as well.

Can you tell me the names of those games you are trying to run on W9x, that don't work on XP (steam or not)? I'm collecting those games, if i can get a hold of them...


Ragnar G.D.

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I really dont like this give me whole list of not working games from top you your head quetion.. Unless you have eidetic memory you can only fail.. and even that you could only do something wrong on your side.

Fortunately someone did his homework and there is Dosfreaks ultimate pc compatibility spreadsheet:

   But even when you can make games working on modern OS.. there is difference between just copy binary, install it and run it.. and whole modern OS hassle to make game working. Making Steam and Gog games working on Win9x is often the same in reverse.. 
  Good thing with Win9x games is that they are usually highly portable from one system to other... just by copying, or just by copying and adding some reg keys or copying and installing of some runtimes.

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