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fully compatible configuration windows xp 64


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my computer windows xp 64 just give up the ghost. A good machine, a studio del 540. An intel cor 2 Quad processor with 4 cores, 6 GB of RAM and a HDD of 1 to very silancieux.
I would like to know if anyone here would be fully compatible configuration suggestion xp 64 to replace it? I want something not too expensive, 6 GB of RAM is parfais, a processor has 4 cores as I have by voullu against whether it is possible to use an SSD with xp 64? I would love to have one in my new machine, at the tream is possible? is there any way to automate this task every day?
I have a Kingston SSD 240 Go, is what it might do the trick, or I should buy another?
Thank you in advance.

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On 12/14/2019 at 3:38 AM, dj-access said:

my computer windows xp 64 just give up the ghost.

Like what whole computer just exploded in supernova? What component died? Motherboard?

1) Intel

Processor: i5-3570K or I7-3770k

2) AMD

Processor: FX-8350 or FX-8370

There is a lot of good motherboards for this processors with full XP64 support.

P.S. All consumer desktop Maxwell 2.0 videocards work fine with XP64 including Geforce GTX 950, 960, 970, 980. 980 obviously are preferred choice.

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I have an MSI fm2+ motherboard its got drivers on the driver disc

processors reach to 4ghz on these AMD motherboards with built in GPU on the CPU..

(AMD R7 GPU was pretty much the last supported)

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