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  1. Hi there, I am doing this topic today because I have a question about the feasibility of a modification to the Windows 11 file explorer. Here is the situation: I am configuring the new windows 11 computer of an elderly and blind person, who is having a lot of difficulty with the change. This person was using windows xp no more than a week ago and was doing very well with it, habits and haunts having been integrated for several years. Unfortunately, her computer is no longer working and she has to upgrade to windows11. After doing several searches, I succeeded in modifying the system enormously, lightening it, removing all applications, unnecessary services, reconfiguring the taskbar, XP-style start menu with Open-Shell, all the modifications possible with ExplorerPatcher, I checked everything, including the windows 7 menu bar in the file explorer which helped a lot, the x32 list view in the explorer, the removal of the search box, in short, I did a very big job on this machine which looks like windows 98 now and which is nevertheless very, very fast! Nevertheless, I come to you because there remains only one option which causes problem for this person, it is the button to sort the elements by name, by types etc… In the file explorer. Since this person is blind, they have to navigate a lot with the tab key on the keyboard and often come up against the sort and reorder button, which is right after the list of items in the file explorer. This button also shows up in save and open dialogs and wastes a lot of time. Do you know if there is a tweak to make this button disappear, like I was able to make the search box disappear with ExplorerPatcher? Thank you very much in advance for your much appreciated help!
  2. Hello, I have a problem to install windows xp on my machine 64 THINKSTATION LENOVO S30. Copying files is done well, the installation clear blue screen with the green progress bar at the bottom left that shows the progress of minutes is good, the problem is to reboot after this screen with the increase in minutes . Windows XP restarts, displays the logo and then a blue screen for a few seconds and restarts it as a loop. Would you know what makes it and how to solve it? Thank you in advance for your help !
  3. hello all, Thank you for your advice, although I have not absolutely understood. I'll try installing tomorrow and see what happens.
  4. Hello, I have a desktop computer running Windows XP 64, Dell Studio 540, 6 GB of RAM, intel cor 2quad… It was on a 1 TB mechanical disk, however, I bought myself a Kingston 120GB A400 SSD for the make it faster. Are there manipulations to be done before and after installing the system to keep the SSD fast? I saw that there was a special partitioning method that had to be done by installing Windows 7 before xp, I did not understand much about it I must say. In addition, how is the tream managed? I know that some software can do it manually or with a task scheduler, how I do with this ssd ... I would like, if possible, that it can last me a few years with this installation without becoming excessively slow. Thank you in advance for all your valuable advice!
  5. Hello, my computer windows xp 64 just give up the ghost. A good machine, a studio del 540. An intel cor 2 Quad processor with 4 cores, 6 GB of RAM and a HDD of 1 to very silancieux. I would like to know if anyone here would be fully compatible configuration suggestion xp 64 to replace it? I want something not too expensive, 6 GB of RAM is parfais, a processor has 4 cores as I have by voullu against whether it is possible to use an SSD with xp 64? I would love to have one in my new machine, at the tream is possible? is there any way to automate this task every day? I have a Kingston SSD 240 Go, is what it might do the trick, or I should buy another? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello, I fixed the problem. I formatted my drive and reinstalled completely windows, everything works now! I have a windows xp 64 fully functional, with sound and internet! Thanks for your help !
  7. Hello, Thank you for your reply. First, if I understand correctly, by starting in safe mode, I would not need an account to access my system? Then I chose this image because everything was integrated with, drivers, French language ... I can not do it myself because the software to do it are inaccessible with my screen review.
  8. Hello, on my side I use the 360Chrome browser. I can connect to skype and see and respond to messages with windows xp 32, but I would like to know if there is an alternative or a way to make calls, although I think it's not not possible, thank you in advance for your answer.
  9. Hello, I finally managed to find the right driver for the sound, thank you for your help!
  10. Hello everyone, I was so ready to succeed ... I had burned a cd with an iso image of xp 64 with several drivers, the copy of the files is well rolled out ... Even the configuration is well done, I was in the windows when he installed the updates ... After he restarted, he asked the name of my account, the time fusos and all that, but once done he asked them in a loop ... So j I removed the cd, thinking that my problem came from there, and the windows starts, I have the logo of xp with the squares which scrolls, but after I have the blue fon of the page of connection with the logo of xp in the middle. Nothing happens, no error message, just a blue page with the xp logo in the middle and it's hours that it's like waiting ... I was so close to the goal! Someone would have a solution to settle his and be able to enjoy my instalation xp 64?
  11. Hello, Sorry for my incompetence, but where can I find this information? Is there a label on the laptop that says that? Thank you in advance for your clarification !
  12. Hello, the exact model is the TOSHIBA Laptop Satellite C650-001
  13. Hello, yes indeed, when you search on google, there are several variants of this machine. On my side, the one I own has the following configuration. Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.50GHz, 6.00 GB Dual Channel DDR2 @ 399 MHz, Motherboard Dell Inc. 0M017G Graphics, Intel G45 / G43 Express Chipset (Dell) DELL 2005FPW (1680x1050, Intel G45 / G43 Express Chipset (Dell ... For the drivers actually, on the dell site there will be nothing, but to find them I use the site driverscloud, which gave me a lot of results. I'm trying to install next weekend, I can not wait to see if it works as planned!
  14. Hi everyone, I got a Dell Studio 540 desktop computer. At the beginning it came with Windows vista x64, so I would like to know if anyone here has already tested xp 64 on this machine? After a quick search I see that there are still a lot of drivers for this system so I honestly hope that it will be possible ... Thank you in advance for your answers.
  15. Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite C650 laptop. I installed windows xp 32, it worked but now I need the drivers to make it work ... After several searches, I found a Conexant audio drivers, which does nothing when I click on the file. exe. Next, I am also looking for a driver for the Atheros wireless network card. ®. AR9285 Wireless. All I have found is a .inf driver, but when I go to add a hardware in the configuration panel and try to add it manually it does not work. Thank you very much in advance for telling me if there is a solution to this problem or if there is a way to make it work without wireless and audio with better drivers or how to make them work.

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