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NOD32 Antivirus Software


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Hmm that means that if we cant get the imon working in nod32 then the exploits coming from the net are a big threat ??

Cuz in kaspersky it has a very very good detection rate and catches almost all the malicious code right in the browers cache folder itself (i use opera)..

Also i must admit that the interface of the new kaspersky 5 has greately improved.. but i got one little problem, thats that i cant update the defs directly from the updater and that i need the extended databases from the updater_x folder... any idea ?

Cuz then it'll be able to catch even trojans, spyware etc etc... awesome package..



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IMON = Internet mail monitor, if u use a mail client, OE or something else, it will detect a virus if sent 2 that

its not a crucial deal, aslong as AMON is working, u should be fine, as AMON scans everything when u click on it anyways

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hmmm... i thought it scanned all incoming traffic, like java scriots etc etc everythign.. looks like thats pretty useless anyways :D

Well i still are'nt sure if i'll make the switch, cuz in the real world.. kaspersky has detected a backdoor that even nod32 cant detect.. for eg..

goto h**p://cracks.lomalka.ru and download any crazor u'll get a file named awi.exe i BET u scan it thru any other av it wuldnt even show up and if u start it it'll still in ur processes list doin somethin fishy...

But if u scan it with kaspersky it'll immediately warn and delete that file, saying its a backdoor app...

any comments on this ?? if someone cud prove me wrong, (i'll really be happy) then i can happily shift to nod32, as i always wanted to :) but its just the sense of always being protected that i dont wanna compromise :rolleyes:



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Might I recommend a simpler, more "kosher" method?

By virtue of the administration edition, I have put together a config.xml file to play with.

Simply run setup.exe as follows:

setup.exe /silentmode /cfg=config.xml /settings=settings.xml /instmfc

I found this to be a helpful URL:

Very helpful indeed, really.

Everything "should" work, in theory... Worked on mine in any event.


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Anyone installed Nod32 silent with an unattended xp cd?

Tried it and RunOnceEx stops after installing Nod32 and loads WinXp desktop. (Nod32 is correctly installed)

After restart the PC, RunOnceEx continues.

I use only the switch /silentmode for silent installing. Not the /reboot switch.

here`s my RunOnceEx for Nod32:

REG ADD %KEY%\110 /VE /D "Nod32" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\110 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\Nod32\setup.exe /silentmode" /f

REG ADD %KEY%\110 /V 2 /D "REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\Nod32\nod.reg" /f

Any tips to solve this problem?

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very useful!

but i have a question though, i was wondering if would there be a possiblity to include an update virus signatures with the nod32 installer? thanks.

Does anyone have an answer to this question? Also, where can one manually (i.e. through ftp or http) download said updates?


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