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Might I recommend a simpler, more "kosher" method?

By virtue of the administration edition, I have put together a config.xml file to play with.

Simply run setup.exe as follows:

setup.exe /silentmode /cfg=config.xml /settings=settings.xml /instmfc

I found this to be a helpful URL:

Very helpful indeed, really.

Everything "should" work, in theory... Worked on mine in any event.

I have found this xml file to work but i omitted the settings switch

EG: setup.exe /silentmode /cfg=config.xml /instmfc

works fine and everything is enabled.

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After to have installed nod32 and inserted these key of registry :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00











To reboot of the PC me this message appears:


As the immediate alarm is qualified in the registry...."ThreatSense.Net" ??

Thank you

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i have checked all posts (not only here) and I`m confused now how to install silently NOD32 with everything turned on except threat sense... May somebody specify what to export from registry (exactly) or if to use config.xml file attached somewhere above without exporting registry? How to get login and pasword into silent installation then? I have admin version...

I would also like to know how to get updates (virus signatures) also to unattended install...(my version of nod is also old so after each reinstall I have to update program components...)

Thanks for it in advance

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Earlier posts from galvanocentric and cje seem to have had good success, but you should get the latest version (the engine.nup file has signatures to July 27 I think). If you want to have more recent versions on first install, consider making a rar sfx of your "%ProgramFiles%\Eset\updfiles" folder and include it in your silent install somehow.

Your Admin version should have a nice app (cfgedit.exe) for making a custom config.xml file.

Under the section Update -> Profile -> Settings, you can enter your username and password which will be encrypted into the saved config.xml file like this fictitious username/password:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<PLUGIN ID="31647055">
<NODE NAME="Username" TYPE="STRING" VALUE="AV-1234567" />
<NODE NAME="Password" TYPE="PASS" VALUE="ANbl6b/wmPJpZFGthMh8ddgxTbw=" />

You can use cfgedit.exe to open the attached config.xml file and modify it to suit your needs or create your own config.xml file from scratch.

I extracted the installer files using winrar to a folder and added the config.xml and NOD32.cmd to that folder (added my .reg files too).

I then made a 7-Zip switchless installer (Instructions) using the following config.txt file:


My NOD32.cmd file looks like this (If you dont use cmdow, delete the first line):

cmdow @ /HID
@echo off
start /wait setup.exe /cfg=config.xml /silentmode /instmfc

rem If you have to copy a file, un-remark the following line & fix the filename & destination:
rem copy /y nod32fix.reg "%ProgramFiles%\Eset"
rem If you still have registry changes to make, un-remark the following line & fix the filename:
rem start /wait regedit /s nod32.reg

If you have your own preferred method for silent installation, the main ingredient should be:

setup.exe /cfg=config.xml /silentmode /instmfc

Hope this helps.


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