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  1. Howdy, I've been using nLite since inception and **** if it ain't more stable now than ever before; I'm still getting used to the fact that you don't have to do the old-school winnt.sif OEM routine for integrating drivers, now that you can just merge 'em into the cab. It's frankly bloody incredible, like watching a kid grow up into a man, and okay, I'm going to stop that now because I'm eventually going to make nuhi blush. Anyway, I usually use nLite 1.2 stable for any operating system that's going to be around awhile installed on one of my boxes but I don't know, RC2 is usually a nice enough classification that for my main box I'm willing to take the lumps. Any reason for my waiting around for a final build, especially since my machine's going to be running Windows 2000, or should I just roll on now? Why I ask is because alright, long story short, I've just signed a new lease on a flat, I'm dead broke at the moment, and I'd like to halve power consumption by switching my main machine, and the only running machine, from an Athlon64 with 2GB of a DDR RAM, PCI Express, a 400 watt behemoth of a PSU to a Pentium II sweety-pie that's been always ever so dependable, a kind of old standby, something comfortable to slip into when the going gets rough, you know? And I'd like to treat her with respect and dignity and give her an OS of her very own. Look, if I was ever in a position financially to send a few nuhi's way and buy him a pint of bitters then I'd do so, and I know that since I don't I'm in a bit of bind for asking what I consider to be a rather demanding and selfish question, but it is bordering on a month since the RC2 release and hey, I know the man's busy and all so I'm not going to sweat him, I'm not begging for a final release, I'm just curious as to thoughts on whether the one that's out now would be nice and pleasantly stable enough for a Win2k SP4 deployment. And look, this all turns out golden as Midas's daughter then alright, I'll put aside some money from the rent cashbox and **** my soul if I won't be sending a cheque or a bit of transaction through Paypal or all through the post by March's coming on. Which doesn't mean I won't anyway on account of all the other times he's given me the fine old time, and I ain't trying to slip him out one so I'm going to shut up now, because I was trying to compliment the bloke and now I think I've done and gone insulted him, makes him out a bit cheap like one on the square. Right, I shut up now. I'm not good at posting on forums, I don't usually... I'm more of a people person. This is all weird, you can't have conversations where there's all the waiting for a response, right? So pardon me if I'm a bit formal around the ears, I'm just trying to say that when this is all done with, I'm going to send nuhi all the money I can spare him and still be able to square the lander. But I don't want it to sound like I'm bribing him, or paying him off, alright, because I just feel guilty for making posts like this and never having been a donating kind of fellow, that's all. Much obliged, y'all, for the advice, Jon Post Scriptum: I'm sorry about the one swear: I didn't know it wasn't legal to say 'em. I'm not the usual behind this account to say the least, but I'd not figured on wasting space in your database for a single question so I'm just borrowing this account from a friend temporary-like. He's said it's okay so that's alright. Post-Post Scriptum: My apologies, I did not mean to refer to you in the third person, nuhi. I seem to be making rather a mess of this, don't I?
  2. Yes, unless you've got A) a photographic memory or B) pixel-perfect printouts of the original backups, restoring the original exactly will be impossible. Pixels have been altered, you'll just have to do an average best-guess.
  3. Probably on a DVD somewhere... But my DVDs are back at my dorm room in Indiana, and I'm here on break in NY with my family. Sorry.
  4. You've successfully authentication within your domain? I'd recommend looking for support more focused towards Exchange 2003 as it looks like this is what your question is about.
  5. Well love, when you're on a college campus such as I am you'll find that a certain number of tasks need to be done to mesh your computer with the network. Best to get them out of the way and not even know about them, you know? I have things setup so that the default user (me) on auto-login is also conveniently my matching username and password on the network, which means on first login I can run a script that authenticates with the network, maps network drives, changes local users so their home directories are happily living on network drive H:\, syncs network time, loads Firefox's installer from a network source, loads Sophos anti-virus from a network source, loads Eudora from a network source, and etc... Very, very handy.
  6. Small correction to your code, but otherwise it's fine: FOR /L %X IN (1,1,5) DO REGEDIT /S %X%.REG Or: FOR /L %X IN (1,1,5) DO REG /IMPORT %X%.REG Depending on personal preference. Just needed a bit of tweaking with the environmentals. :)
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't you need to be an OEM or similiar, then you can purchase Windows PE from Microsoft with such and such a license? As in, home users need not apply? I mean, I have PE myself and I'm a home user so it WORKS but I acquired my copy legitimately. I believe downloading a CD or DVDISO of PE would probably qualify as piracy, i.e. warez.
  8. Out of curiosity why are you so reluctant to use a batch script? They in general make things easier. B) Just precreate another boot.ini, kill the old one and replace it, then RASH the puppy with attrib. Why such a bad thing?
  9. MCE is an operating system, hun. Sorry. An operating system cannot be installed onto another operating system (not entirely valid but for all intents and purposes...) There's an "operating system upgrade", AnyMCE, floating about but it is both unstable and despite argued semantics, at least in my opinion entirely illegal. A group of crackers have simply found a way of theoretically integrating parts of MCE into regular vanilla Windows, thusly upgrading any Windows build to use MCE components. But ask me where to get it and you'll draw a blank... In fact I'd recommend not bothering looking for it at all, it plays hell on your OS. Just stick to legal copies of MCE, you can put down 130 bucks and get a copy from NewEgg like I did. Well worth the cost and to satisify MS's OEM requirement you also get a single-to-dual Molex power splitter absolutely free.
  10. Yah... I heard. Bless 'im, I say. Real life should always take precedent over us ungrateful louts. Or rather... Grateful louts with a few bad seeds thrown in. RyanVM is a patient, loving cat. I'd be totally unable to put up with the constant "Ryan's betrayed us..." crap.
  11. Oddly enough my two CD setup doesn't seem to need that... But if it turns out to in the future, isn't it also needed to change %cd2tagfilei%?
  12. Problems? I'll be the first to say it, what problems? He doesn't introduce 'em, Microsoft does. Just use the Lite pack, that'll strip things down to just the updates.
  13. What I find neat are the "Media Center Extensions" personally... And thinks like integrated support for remote controls...
  14. DVD-RW? I'm going to try this tonight... See if I get a success story on VMWare. [EDIT] Just thought about what Nuhi's been saying... Hell, maybe I shouldn't bother. I think there'd be little if any difference. I've got an excellent hard drive so transferring all the decompressed files would be a snap. However I've also got an excellent processor so decompression shouldn't take any time at all. However if somebody with say a SATA1 Raptor and a crappy processor would like to test this...
  15. Media Player Classic is completely legal, to the best of my knowledge, but isn't the solution you want. I've hacked Media Player to play APE files for God's sake, there's even a thread floating around here about it... In any event, Windows Media Player can become the default player for MOV and RM files in a very simple fashion. Step 1, install Real Alternative and choose NOT to install the Media Player Classic. It will then make Windows Media Player the default player for RealMedia files. Step 2, do the same with Quicktime Alternative. Great, huh?
  16. I don't know... Tried your way, my way (no copying or whatnot, just let Windows sort it out ) and still I'm having issues... Can't remember what though so your method probably works fine. I think it was something like WMP 10 not installed correctly. Which is ALWAYS a pain.
  17. Great, so Windows's development team creates the first actual physical shell for a Windows OS since DOS and 3.1 and now because of the bad PR they've got to nuke it... It isn't the first time I've been p***ed off at the virus writers for peeing all over something.
  18. Sorry hun, it's only for the machine you created it on.
  19. Okay, I think I've got it... Apparently copy wasn't creating the directory structure properly so I first moved the DAT file to Application Data, then created the subdirs, then moved the DAT file to Product Licenses. cmdow @ /HID @echo off regedit /S alreadyregged.reg msiexec /i "Adobe Photoshop CS2.msi" /qb UNITYSELECTION="RETAIL" SERIALNUMBERTEMP="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" msiexec /i "bridge\Adobe Bridge 1.0.msi" /qb msiexec /i "commonfilesinstaller\Adobe Common File Installer.msi" /qb msiexec /i "help center\Adobe Help Center 1.0.msi" /qb copy B2B86000.dat "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data" cd "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data" mkdir "Adobe Systems\Product Licenses" move B2B86000.dat "Adobe Systems\Product Licenses" exit
  20. Thank you. With this as my guide I was able to make a fantastic SFX of my entire Macromedia collection... Around 146MB for Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and the Flash Video Exporter. [EDIT] Oh, as a sidenote... Everybody now really HAS to use RyanVM's 7zS file (oh, poor us ) because as was said there is now more 7zS file included in the 7-zip distribution.
  21. I'm installing from DVD-media so space isn't an issue. I'm going to benchmark this puppy the ol' fashioned way when I get a chance. Get a stop watch and run A) an install the usual way and B) an install the new, uncompressed way. Never knew you could do this, thanks! [EDIT] Okay, first thing I noticed, obviously, your batch file doesn't remove the old files!!! Here, use this instead: @echo off for %%U in (*.**_) DO ( expand -r %%U del %%U ) pause Oh, and just so y'all know the DVD I'm testing... I uncompressed EVERYTHING in i386 so if the drivers needed compression to be installed I guess I'm screwed.
  22. Inside the command prompt you need the mkdir command. Does that help? I like where you're going with this...
  23. I have no idea. So far I haven't been able to get activation to work.
  24. Try integratin' 'em into the Office 2003 installation. Remember at the end of making the MFT, there's an option for addititional programs to install? I think that's where I threw it in...
  25. Installing Dreamweaver MX is easy. Launch dwMX2004.exe /r to make an iss record of your installation, then do a silent install with dwMX2004.exe /s /sms. For the serial number you might be SOL. Oh, and for killing the readme... Best of luck! Honestly mate, unless you know your default browser you could end up killing something you really don't want killed. I'd recommend either using AutoIt or not bothering. You'll be restarting anyway so what's a few popups?

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