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XP Pro x64 OS Boot NVMe


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14 hours ago, Dietmar said:

For cloning the AOMEI 7.0 tool is best

Thanks, I will try but for now I used Acronis True Image 2021 because older versions do not see NVMe disk.

  • In WinXP SP2 64-bit launched from the SATA disk I added UEFI files and fix paths in BCD file
  • Using Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 I made a system image for a TIB file
  • Using Acronis True Image 2021 I restored the system from the TIB image to the NVMe disk
  • In the bios I disabled SATA and CSM and reboot

WinXP SP2 64-bit without any problems boots with the NVMe disk in pure UEFI mode :thumbup :D

What is needed:

  • Disk NVMe divided into partitions using diskpart from Win10 installer so that the first partition starts with the 2048 sector
  • UefiSeven loader and EFI Files
  • KB932755 update
  • NVMe 1.3 driver from Schtrom
  • Turn off Indexing Service on all NTFS partitions
  • disable pagefile (have 8GB RAM)
  • disable System Restore
  • disable prefetch:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters]
  • If we want to use the Internet, set the browser cache in RAM
  • The NVMe disk has 250GB but I left a 30GB unallocated at the end:
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I think, this is the first time in world, that XP 64 boots in UEFI mode via nvme!!!

Please write Tutorial step by step. All users will say thank you so much for such a Tutorial.

Sometimes a small thing is important,

have a nice day


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yepp, because this board has only PCI-e II.

This values you show are the absolut limit for this board,

have a nice day


PS: Just now my Asus board from Ebay arrives, the same as yours.

I am blind as much as possible about UEFI boot of XP :worship:.

So, when you write Tutorial, I can check everything;)).

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On 10/11/2022 at 11:52 PM, Dietmar said:

but it is not easy procedure and works only for Fat32 und freeldr.sys from reactos

Does WinXP have to be on the FAT32 partition or can it be on NTFS? I'm trying to boot WinXP 64-bit in Legacy Mode from NTFS but I have Opening Hive File Failed!

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Do you use ntldr or freeldr or winload.exe?

I never succeed with ntldr (XP SP3), no matter if it is on Fat32 or NTFS partition for legacy boot via nvme and the Option Rom.

On older motherboards, the legacy part from the 950 Pro Option Rom works only together with freeldr or winload.exe.

So, if you use winload.exe and not ntldr for XP bit64, there is chance for legacy boot.

I just test this crazy message about "not load Hive". May be it is a driver problem, for example USB.

I dont know, if there is a freeldr for bit64, but nearly for sure not for NTFS,

only for Fat32


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I'm trying to boot WinXP SP2 64-bit in Legacy mode:

  • ntldr - Error loading operating system
  • winload.exe + BCD from Longhorn Server 2008 - Error A5 Probably caused by: ACPI.sys (I checked it with WinDbg over Serial at betaarchive.com )


I remember that there were once some modified acpi.sys WinXP 64-bit files on Winraid. Do you have these files?



OK, I found them: ACPI2.0_v4_x86+x64_5.1+5.2.7z

With this acpi.sys (5.2.3790.7777.4) WinXP SP2 64-bit boots without error using winload.exe.

Under pure UEFI also start.

I wonder if this modified acpi.sys file is stable and will not cause the system's incorrect operation?

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These new acpi.sys bit64 files are made from sources. So I think, they should be stable.

But strange, that you get an acpi,sys error, because this board <Skylake.

I remember a comment from @Skulltrail about this old acpi.sys bit64 Bsod, when you use winload.exe.

"You will get BSOD A5 0x0000002".

Yepp, it is this Bsod

*** Fatal System Error: 0x000000a5


So I think, the only instability can happen because of winload.exe.

And not on all boards winload.exe works for to boot XP.

Ask @George King for more tested acpi.sys for XP bit64, they exist



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I did a new UEFI test. If we put Samsung 950 UEFI firmware in this way:

  • Unpack UEFI firmware from the image.rom file:
    uefiromextract image.rom 950nvme.efi
  • Build a FFS file using FFS tools:
    GenMod 950nvme.efi
    wild build a file 950nvme.ffs
  • Use UEFITool insert file 950nvme.ffs as a DXE driver

In pure UEFI (CSM disabled) or UEFI + CSM, bios does not see the Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe disk and not possible boot OS !!!

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