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MS Edge title bar is broken with 1.5.7


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Hi, I have just installed an official 1.5.7 version release from http://glass8.eu/download.

However, I have noticed that it breaks layout of MS Edge's titlebar.

It somehow makes tab titles overlaps with the minimize, maximize, and close buttons. If I uninstall AG, the problem disappears immediately.

I installed it using the installer, and checked some settings that read like 'use aero glass theme' and 'protect ag by modifying access permissions' .

Here is a screenshot: 4hiX0zsg.png

I'm running Windows 10.0.16299 build 16299.


I hope this problem is fixed soon! In the meantime, would there be any workaround for the issue?

Edited by Edge Titlebar is BROKEN
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On 12/22/2017 at 11:20 AM, mikedigitize said:

I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were U

Well I am on the Insiders Program, so BMs AG hasn't worked for me in a long long time.  MS is integrating acrylic at a rapid pace.

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12 hours ago, dhjohns said:

I am on the Insiders Program

Yes I know...

But really...  "integrating acrylic at a rapid pace" is to put it a bit strong - I think..

Any way I wish U (and all regulars here)  a really Happy Holidays


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HI All Guys, what i see here is an discussion who finally must have an END! All your things are wrong until now and i must tell you what exactly is happen and what is Bigmuscle`s job.

So i have the last windows insider build which is version 17083.

1.This screenshots that i see is not aero glass and never will be... the question is Why? i thing that all of you make not a difference between the modern apps witch is AmmplicationFrameHost.exe and standard Windows DWM (that difference is like the earth between the moon) this new transparency is affect only the ApplicationFrameHost.exe and nothing more also Called (MATERIAL GLASS TRANSPARENCY) one more problem is that thing only affect some apps in the moment and only possible in Active Mode So.. I repeat Active Mode... in inactive mode the seetings ui and calculator became an Solid brown Color (an s***) Why? just because the Black Color 0 is no more supported like Windows 8.... They Are made Too much builds of Windows 10 until now this black color is not supported. So That is the screenshots that you post....

2. What BigMuscle`s Doing is To Bring Aero Glass Transparency of DWM (Desktop Window Manager) Thats Another thing different Mixed By Two Images of Your Visual Aero Style a. your border.png and b.your reflection image (Gausian Blur) Two Different Systems we have now DWM and ApplicationFrameHost.

3.what i see what they made. that difference is starting from build 15063 RS2 until now is still the same 17083 RS4 prerelease What happen finally the glass of start menu is gone, the glass transparency of actionbar is gone the aero glass of the taskbar is gone All just Gone and Became Solid and only the network dropup menu have an transparency without blur now... So that is called Aero Glass That the BigMuscle`s Job who must try to repair and restore that aero of DWM Because the Microsoft has totally removed that glass from Build 15063 RS2 and they will never restore it Again. Bye and many Thanks i hope that all of you will understand that and Much Thanks @bigmuscleI hope that you have an idea to repair all these things in RS4

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