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Forum upgrade to v4.2!


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2 hours ago, xper said:

I don't have Windows 7 or IE11 and can't test it :-(

Actually, you do have IE11 and can reproduce it there. I see the same as Tommy when I tested this thread with IE11 on Win10x64. Search for Internet Explorer via Start and you'll find it.

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Sometime around (perhaps exactly when) the forum was upgraded, the bar that shows when a person joined and last visited and stuff is a little broken on all the browsers I can test:


this is in slimjet, (chrome 50) although it occurs on all other browsers i can test.

Firefox 52.3 ESR

Chedot (chrome 51)

Advanced Chrome (chrome 54)

IE8 (well, IE8 is totally broken, not expecting a fix here...)


Confirmed the issue on my other PC that i currently have available for testing. 


Interestingly, my own profile loads fine...


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1 hour ago, Tommy said:

What is your screen resolution? I use 1024x768 and found I need to reduce the zoom just a bit in order for it to fit correctly. But I've noticed this as well.

This is a problem I also noticed.  The only way to reveal it is to highlight the data with your mouse.  I'm not sure if this can be fixed on the Forum side but on the user side adjusting the font size smaller by increasing the resolution will fix the problem but I like my screen at 1024x768.


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I do too, but as I said, if you just reduce your zoom to something like 90% for MSFN in your browser, it should work out just fine. @xper might be able to figure out something else but that's what I've been doing for quite a while now.

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yep. my resolution is 1024x768 and zooming out fixes it.

I knew I should have gotten the 15' ThinkPad T60 with a slightly larger resolution.

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Exactly as described here, the forum has a user-agent issue with the Pale Moon browser. No replies possible under certain circumstances. The issue can be bypassed fairly easily by an advanced user (and the forum will work 100%) but it really is a forum bug.

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