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Seaching for Intel 210-219 LAN XP / 2003 32 / 64 bit driver


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Thank you very much, it just worked.. I wonder how such magic was done, just some ids replacement or some coding involved? Is this driver only for 218-V or it would work for all Intels 21x cards?

  Because im greeding, what about driver for some 10Gbit internet for XP? I think that they becoming finally available for reasonable price, and now when SSD are cheap and we are maybe to boot XP from NVME, that 15 years old 1Gbit speed finnaly starting to be bottleneck..

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10g Ethernet is an old standard at this point,and its been out for like 10 years  even though it has became affordable now to make it more available.  So there is hardware and drivers that support that for XP


You can already boot XP from NVME but you need specific NVME that has its own bios like scsi.

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I think,

this one will work

Intel X540-T2 (I prefer with only one RJ45 connector Intel X540-T1)

Ethernet Adapter for 10 GBit,

interesting, because I look for the same.

Drivers in 18.3 packet from Intel

for Win Server 2003 32 bit,

so XP SP3 32 bit:)),


PS: Quick search via  geizhals.de  tells,

       that this are the only networkcards for 10 Gbit/s which work for XP 32 bit also.





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I'm looking for 219 XP driver too,


no matter what I tried, error code 10 is the result, have no more idea on it. really need your help.

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