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  1. @bearwindows I'm looking for 219 XP driver too, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15B8&SUBSYS_15B81849&REV_31 no matter what I tried, error code 10 is the result, have no more idea on it. really need your help.
  2. No need to show off anymore, All talk, sounds fantastic, no contribution. We asked you to share how your success is happened but you chose to ignore. see here
  3. Having tried with, actually no 219-V driver inside, so force install 217/218 by modding the DEV ID, resulting "code 10", please help.
  4. I modded the .INF to support NTx86.5.1 so that I can force the manual installation go. Name of device now shown properly, so sad the driver installed but "Code:39" is shown, networking is not function. I hope someone could help.
  5. Hi, here you are, please have a look. VEN_8086&DEV_15B8
  6. Hi, the above driver do nothing with my i219-v LAN (Z170 chipset)
  7. Hi there, Please take a sceenshot, I don't think they're working in full, I really did long searching and found nothing LAN/ USB3/ ME/ driver exist with XP32, which I think "nearly impossible". appreciate if you can post some evidence to proof your success. I got AsRock Z170 OCF so LAN driver for xp32 is the top essential that I looking for. Peace
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