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Let the Re-Tweakage Begin


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Sorry, I don't use UAC, and it works as it always did for me.

I suggest that if you were to open a CMD prompt As Administrator, CD to the folder containing the batch file, then run it, it would access the tools from within that same folder.


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Maybe this error just happens in localized versions, or its a Home/Premium/blabla thing !

If i like to run your script on a "VM Fresh Installed Windows 10 Home" in German with UAC disabled:
I end up in System32, if i choose "Als Administrator ausführen" !

Only "CD /D %~dp0" fix this...

@Echo Off
CD /D %~dp0
Echo Path is %CD%

- So if you like to Present your Tool for all people, you have to add CD /D %~dp0
Not a big deal...

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Hey NoelC,

how did you get the old Windows Defender in this post back? I used your Re-Tweaker and changed stuff but I only have the new Security Center thing in my systray which obviously doesn't work anymore.

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Yep, that's how I start Defender's UI too.  Sorry about not describing how.  I find it takes a little while for the Windows Defender panel to open, though.  I suspect it may feel it's missing something from the UWP side of things.

I have also been having some new update problems with 1703 today (as in, it won't update, spewing an 0x80070426 error). 

Since I installed it directly from the ISO before 1703 was actually released, it's possible I confused the Windows Update process - though I was able to get it all the way up to 15063.138 without any problems.

I'm going to try going through the upgrade again since it's supposed to be as easy as restoring a VM snapshot and running Windows Update now...  Otherwise, I'm not sure what's gone wrong with the Windows Update process yet.  If you figure out what's wrong, please let me know.  I hope it's not expecting something to run that's been disabled.


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@ Noel

Maybe this may help you: http://www.errorlive.com/error-code-0x80070426

Here I thing it is more clear it is Software Licensing Servive related and you need to Change “Startup type:” to Automatic see: https://www.quora.com/What-causes-Windows-error-code-0x80070426-and-how-can-you-fix-it


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Thanks.  I've fooled with it some and it doesn't appear to be a simple "restart service" type of fix, at least not with what I've tried so far.

I even went so far as to restore a VM snapshot of 15063.0, which updated successfully before.  Now it doesn't.  I'm still working on it when I get time.


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I read there is an issue with some machines and MS stop updates untill they fix it. I seams it is a problem with equipment having Broadcome Bluetoot. So unless you already have an ISO you have to wait.


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Tweakage update:

At this point I'm going to attribute the Windows Update issues to Microsoft until I can prove otherwise, and in any case, it updates just fine from the catalog manually and manually controlled updates are my goal, so it's all good.

Idle desktop process count is now down to 74 after disabling the Windows Error Reporting Service and a few others.  Here are all the services currently running:


I can't promise this is a good list for the long-term, but it seems to be hanging together for what I do.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Now up on build 15063.291 with the May Patch Tuesday updates in...


Only 75 processes and 1 GB now to support an empty desktop, including the following 12 I have augmented Windows with to bring its function up to a reasonable level of usability:

  • aerohost.exe - A component of Aero Glass for Win 8+
  • ClassicStartMenu.exe - The Classic Shell start menu replacement.
  • CLOCK32.EXE - The on-screen digital clock from Windows NT 4!
  • conhost.exe - Running because Aero Glass for Win 8+ is a pre-release build.
  • ProcessHacker.exe - The Process Hacker 2 tool that is displaying the process list shown here.
  • ShellFolderFixUI.exe - A File Explorer window positioning accessory.
  • TSVNCache.exe - Part of the Tortoise SVN package for integrating Subversion code management into Explorer.
  • vmtoolsd.exe (x 2) - Tools support for VMware virtualization (I'm running this in a virtual machine).
  • Windows10FirewallControl.exe - Part of the Sphinx Windows 10 Firewall Control package.
  • Windows10FirewallService.exe - Part of the Sphinx Windows 10 Firewall Control package.
  • WixMouse.exe - An accessory that directs mouse wheel events to hovered-over windows.


Just got Visual Studio 2017 installed.  That package seems to want pretty badly to talk to vortex.data.microsoft.com (which of course I block), but the OS is now utterly silent with regard to communicating spontaneously online.


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I believe you can do it via a tool out there called something like installwimtweak (or a name very similar to that).

I have to ask, though...  Why?  This works and leaves the system serviceable.


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