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  1. Thank you! Another issue I'm having that it's not downloading the updates anymore.
  2. Hey NoelC, how did you get the old Windows Defender in this post back? I used your Re-Tweaker and changed stuff but I only have the new Security Center thing in my systray which obviously doesn't work anymore.
  3. Hi thanks for a version for Windows 10. I have 1 1/2 bug reports and 1 1/2 feature requests. I have the same issue with the small icons as mentioned above already, the text and the icon is overlapping. Also the icons of the folders and programs are really close to the edge in the "All programs" view, not sure if this could be counted as bug but for me personally its to close to the edge. Is it possible to add the feature to disable the task view and the search button on secondary monitors? I only want them on my primary one. Thanks for this awesome tool anyway.
  4. Hey, first thanks for this awesome tool. Since the upgrade to 1.6 (and the win 8.1 spring update of course) it seems to have problems disable the snap feature (the one on the top of the screen) even though its disabled I can use the snap feature after a reboot and have to enable and disable it again in SiB. Is there a way to fix it?

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