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  1. You don't need to remove powershell just follow the steps below from the Winaero site to bring back CMD https://winaero.com/blog/add-command-prompt-to-context-menu-in-windows-10-creators-update/ https://winaero.com/blog/add-command-prompt-back-to-winx-menu-in-windows-10-build-14971/
  2. There's a tutorial on the Winaero site to get the classic Defender back http://winaero.com/blog/classic-windows-defender-windows-10-1703/
  3. Yes I was wondering about the difference in the Working set and Commit size difference and I'm using version See below what it looks like without mods and it must become very annoying for those who use Skype as is
  4. One can get nightmares thinking in March next year, if one wants the latest improved telemetry and toys, one need to again clean install RS2 and start from the beginning. As NoelC says, there's no time to figure out how to properly adopt the system for long term use as the goal posts keep moving. It's what can brings down a company if pushed too hard and, Linux is forever in the background and eventually will be in the front if Msoft doesn't stop the madness or at least slows it down
  5. This is for the desktop Skype which has run for about 10 hours today and compared to how it used to run when installing it straight it uses about half the resources. If you do install it straight with no mods you get an ad at the top of the chat window as well as sometimes at the bottom from Msoft targeted ads which can be turned off in the settings but the top ad has to be tweaked away elsewhere but using it the way I do I don't get any without the tweaks and you probably don't get any due to your host file entries and maybe other tweaks you did. I'm sure Msoft will find other ways to push ads and one wonders if when publishing such tweaks to help others it also helps MS finding ways to disable it so can push more crap down that pipeline
  6. I found a way to run Skype and use a lot less memory and no extra running processes. If you have Skype installed go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone and copy Skype.exe, SkypeResources.dll and SkypeSkylib.dll to a folder called SkypeLight or whatever somewhere safe then uninstall Skype and clean it out of your system as much as you can from your user profile and other locations. Move the folder to your Program Files (X86 if you use a 64 bit Windows) or anywhere you like and create a shortcut to your desktop. Now when you start Skype it will use half the memory it otherwise does and it doesn't create an update service either but does create a folder in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming. Up until the early v7 it was possible to just use Skype.exe and it still worked fine but now with the later versions it requires the other 2 files. To update it just download the latest from Portable Apps http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/skype_portable and once extracted simply copy the same 3 files from the extracted folder and replace the ones in your SkypeLight folder. You can delete the rest of the files from the downloaded portable. If you have another computer as in my case, just have it installed there and updated with no need for another account and copy the 3 files to the other computer. I've been using it that way for ages and it works great with no issues with video/audio/files transfer/emoticons etc. There's also a way to remove the advertising if you need to but running it this way seems to cut the ads out anyway. Also make sure you know your user name and password before uninstalling
  7. I just eliminate the auto update function all together and download updates manually when I feel there's no risk of explosion anymore after reading the consequences of installing the latest updates. Msoft is dragging us towards the path of Linux with every new release of their once mostly productive OS.
  8. There's a way and have a look at this post on the MDL site (You'll need to become a member) which will help to eliminate it. Unfortunately for the OP I don't know how to change the lock screen picture to a custom picture as my lock screen is disabled completely but will see what I can find https://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/71192-LockScreenGone-v1-0
  9. Unfortunately you're right NoelC and most people don't know and don't bother to tweak just accepting whatever Msoft throws their way and seem to just want the shiny bits so they can tweet their life away. Many tweaks do stop working and ultimately it does become a losing battle and just as well Win 7 is still more pliable and one can concentrate on work rather than trying to constantly tame the system like 10 which will just change anyway during another update and I'm sure if there was a run-time patcher to change the OS structures in RAM Msoft would do their best to kill it. There's a good reason why Linux is looking more attractive as Win 10 progresses to the bottom
  10. Unfortunately it doesn't survive a sfc scan but there are no adverse effects so far in daily computing which includes an untouched win 10 I installed on a spare desktop which was not modded in any way apart from the above mod and a mod to imageres.dll to remove the UAC shield overlay on desktop icons which also doesn't survive a scan. Seems with Win 10 one has to tow a very fine line between achieving a usable system that still works and total destruction and what's life without modding
  11. That's like putting a craftsman amongst the apprentices and kind of doubtful Msoft will allow that as the embarrassment is too much to handle
  12. Thought some might like to get rid of useless entries in the taskbar and found how to today. I also posted it on the tenforums and In TH2 it was possible to remove the Taskview button with a reg entry which stopped working in RS1 but it's possible to do by modifying a file and below is how I modded it and can also remove "Show Windows Ink Workspace" and "Show touch keyboard button" and others just remember to remove also leftover Seperators. Make sure to take a system image or create a restore point before proceeding and below is how mine looks now Copy explorer.exe.mui from C:\Windows\en-US Open with ResHacker and expand the Menu tree. In item # 205 remove MENUITEM "Show Task &View button", 430, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "Show Windows Ink &Workspace button", 437, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "Show touch ke&yboard button", 436, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED Then recompile the file Move to item # 206 and remove MENUITEM "Show Windows Ink &Workspace button", 437, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "Show &touch keyboard button", 436, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED and recompile again then save the file somewhere safe Go back to C:\Windows\en-US\explorer.exe.mui take ownership of explorer.exe.mui and rename it to explorer.exe.mui.old paste the modded file and restart the computer. So far no adverse effects at all one can remove other unused entries such as Search if you happen to use some other software for that function but choose your own path
  13. @NoelC the link in your post above to your own tweaking tool goes to the Dual DHCP DNS Server instead of your tool
  14. You're welcome and seems MS do their best to make Win 10 a bigger mess with every new update and upgrade
  15. Have you tried to go to settings/Privacy/Background apps and turn the Settings app off
  16. Was researching about Intel Small Business Advantage and found some fire and brimstone raining down on Intel and Microsoft and their "secure" environment. Kind of scary to think so many use them without a 2nd thought http://semiaccurate.com/2012/05/15/intel-small-business-advantage-is-a-security-nightmare/
  17. Ultimately it's all about wallets regardless how they present it
  18. It's taken a year for people to start getting the hang of 10 spending most of their time trying to find solutions to the latest mishap and myriad other spinning dots anxieties rather than being productive and actually do work as they slowly become robotized and now there's another change coming so have to start all over again and must clean install and the chatter to mother will probably increase 10 fold because it's good for us and we need to be digitally corrected. This is no Operating System this is just a Microsoft pipe dream and it feels like we're the pipe for whatever it is they're inhaling there
  19. It's like schools here in Australia where all the kids get medals regardless if they win or lose so they don't feel left out and there's no emphasis on excellence anymore. Kind of let's dumb the population down so they follow the rules and never challenge authority or try to break the rules in order to find new questions to be answered so can invent what is yet to be invented and learn new ways of doing things. So yeah seems the new tech world IS defined now by i d i o t s with those unpaired chromosomes and the wish to never stand out in case it allows people to think for themselves
  20. I've been using Win Update MiniTool updates for a few months and so far it's working very well. I'm able to hide updates, install offline and select what I want on a pro x64 and yes I do disable updates in between and can't understand why people on various forums get so excited about new updates as well as new betas coming out on the various rings. It's like they forget the OS should be working for them so once set and running it's just used to do the needed work be it surfing or much more complex stuff but Win 10 forever needs to be worked on and modified and when you finish it's updated again and the whole thing restarts. Kind of why bother to use it for anything more than maybe entertainment while the real work is done on 7 or 8.1 or Linux. Win 10 is like being a slave to satisfying Microsoft rather than a tool for work
  21. Try the below tutorial from AskVG http://www.askvg.com/fix-drives-appearing-twice-in-navigation-pane-of-windows-10-explorer-this-pc/
  22. Windows 10 could be cool even funky but I think it was written by an alien monkey
  23. Just the usual fun and games with Windows 10 which the longer I use it the more liquid it seems and not something one can say will still work the next day. There's a work around for the gpedit error in the link below and someone was again asleep at MS http://www.winhelponline.com/blog/gpedit-resource-string-requireprivatestoreonly-windowsstore-admx-kb3147458/
  24. I agree NoelC and indeed the control is limited but at least I can control when to update and choose not to install certain updates it offers but overall it's a worry when one knows every few months will require a new major update that will change various settings or require a clean install and and it gives one the impression of a system not designed to be dependable for years but as something temporary which I never got when using seven which I still use on a few machines
  25. Thanks Oldbie, I've done an extensive search of shell32.dll and other files and removed various menus and other items but none so far removed that blank space. Win 10 files are different from the other operating systems and even in 8.1 you could create a NoUseStoreOpenWith dword entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer set it's value to 1 and all was well but it doesn't work in ten and so far I've been unable to find what menu or others to remove and I did delete those lines entirely from the files but still the blank remains. I'll keep digging and hope to find it soon

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