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Alternative site to view MS KB articles?

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I've looked at an Oct 2005 MSDN library #3 CD and it's full of hxs files but only 4 of them have "9" in the file-name.  I can seem to extract these files ok, but the process always ends with "The library is open with offset" message.

Did the MSDN Library CD's always come individually - in their own 3-CD fat jewel case?  I can find several of those for the years 1999, 2000 and 2001, and even a few 2000 and 2001 Library DVD's (in their own plastic case/shell) but I haven't yet located anything for the years 2003 or 2004, but other wise I have a few of those large plastic clamshell binders with 2003 and 2004 CD's in them.  I figure if I have 2003 and 2004 CD's I must have the Library CD's for those years as well. ?




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My old two cents...

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I found our binder containing the subscription library CD's.  So I do have the set of 3 CD's for April 2003, and a few more of these sets for other months in 2003, and it looks like the last one I have is for January 2004.  I haven't checked these other later months for the win-98 kb files.  The win-98 file (enu_kbwin98x.HxS) contains 2,260 htm files, each one numbered to match (I presume) a KB number.  12 of these are 5-digit numbers (44,249 being the lowest, 90929 being the highest) and the others are 6-digit numbers (ranging from 107634 to 327551).

The MSDN CD's this came on are labeled as:

MSDN Subscriptions Library
Essential resources for developers

Disk 1 / April 2003 / 0403 part no. X09-45793
Disk 2 / April 2003 / 0403 part no. X09-47794
Disk 3 / April 2003 / 0403 part no. X09-45795

I tried to install this entire library thing on a win-7 PC, starting with the install/setup found on disk 1, and I tried this while logged in as a user with admin rights and as "THE" admin, and both times I got all the way to the end of disk 3 and then got this:


ERROR 1317
while attempting to create the directory c:\programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu


That folder does already exist, so I don't know why it was trying to create it, or maybe it was trying to create something under it.

But again, the superior security safeguards built into Windows 7 steps in to save the day!

I could do nothing but cancel the install, and it was rolled back to zero - so I don't know what this library thing looks like when it's installed.  It's a lot of stuff - almost 2 gb.


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>And, out of curiosity, are similar CD's still somehow distributed, or did it all move to the internet?

I highly doubt that you can get these old MSDN CD's from MS today.  Either in original form or re-packaged as archival material.  Anyone with a current MSDN membership (do those still exist?) or maybe Technet can verify that you either do, or don't, have access to old MSDN CD's.

And just to add - regarding the win-98 KB files, they are present on all the 2003 MSDN library CD's (disk 3) for April and (I think it was) July and October 2003 and January 2004 as well.  I haven't fully checked, but the July or October had 2 extra KB's compared to April.


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On 2/2/2017 at 7:24 PM, dencorso said:

In any case, all the KBs relevant for 9x/ME are present in the #3 CD of the April 2004 MSDN Library... the only problem is it's unredistributable, so it cannot be posted here.

All I said is they exist in April 2004 MSDN Library. I never said they're absent in all previous versions of it. Although I do believe those for 95 and 98 were not included anymore from 2005 onwards...

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On Monday, March 06, 2017 at 1:14 PM, Mcinwwl said:

And, out of curiosity, are similar CD's still somehow distributed, or did it all move to the internet?

They are all archived and freely available here: LINK REMOVED

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2 hours ago, aztekk said:

They are all archived and freely available here: LINK REMOVED

Do not provide links to illegally obtain copyrighted material. Despite the age of the data in question it is still under Microsoft's copyright and as such we cannot allow linking to it from this forum.

eBay and other sources are your friends.

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