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WPA2 for Windows 9x!


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If you have an older wireless router that allows a compatible protocol that can be cable connected to the new router then you can log in to the older router and go through the new router to the WWW. You can also use a wireless bridge/repeater. A third party designed one is cheaper, I have used VAP11G from Vonets, says "Note:VAP11G-300" in fine print afterwards. It plugs into your Win98/ME RJ45 and this way connects your Win98/ME via a router to the WWW. It will have its own SSID and use same key as router and might give you extended wireless range if needed by using its SSID via wireless on another computer. It gives RJ45 configuration login password and user ID on back of device.  See http://www.vonets.com/download/VAR5G/VONETS Series Product Instruction Guide.pdf for more info.

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NoteBook Compaq EVO n1020v


3Com OfficeConnect XJACK PC Card | 3CRXJK10075



Atheros Driver and Client Applications (for W98/ME) https://anonfile.com/Nfe0hcmco8/Atheros_Driver_App_3.1.1.54_7z

Odyssey Client Manager 4.56 https://anonfile.com/3ac7hcm1o2/Odyssey_Client_4.56_7z

Perfectly working with WPA2 Wireless connection

Windows 98 SE


Windows ME


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has anyone got wpa to work under windows 95? i found two threads in another forum in relation to trying to get wifi working on windows 95, particularly wpa, but there wasn't as much specific or detailed info of what to do / which driver versions to use, etc. also, i wanted to let others know i tried almost all apps mentioned in this thread, but none of them worked on windows 95, as 98 or newer is required. 



one was using the cisco aironet 350 series cardbus / pcmcia adapter on windows 95 i think ( they didn't specifically state ), but they did mention it being able to connect to wpa, but blue screening at some point. 

another person "celgen" mentioned using lucent waveland / orinico cards and reflashing their firmware to the gold version to support wep-128, but no mention was made for wpa specifically. 

"theman" also mentioned "the orinoco gold can be hacked with a newer firmware and drivers which will then support WPA
I have a dell version of that card and I did just that... google the hack, it works"

but it's unclear on how they were able to get this to work. what was the target OS? what driver version was used, and what firmware version was used and how to do the hack, etc.

there's a issue with finding specific hardware id / devs too. i have several packages of wifi devices that do work on windows 95, although some systems may not work due to conflicting cardbus, etc, ( though this MIGHT be fixable by renaming registry entries, etc ), but all unclear, at least for me. 

it's possible that the lucent / orinico cards, ( including specific silver version(s) ) are rebranded dell truemobile 1150 cards or vice versa. if that's the case, then it might be possible for the hacked firmware route to work. below is supported wireless adapters for windows 95 for dell truemobile 1150 cardbus or mini pci adapter if using only wep. 

DATE   : $Date:   31 Aug 2000 13:45:40  $   $Revision:   1.29  $

%wldel41_LT1.DeviceDesc%=wldel411.ndi, PCMCIA\DELL-TRUEMOBILE_1150_SERIES_PC_CARD-34F2
%wldel41_LT2.DeviceDesc%=wldel412.ndi, PCMCIA\DELL-TRUEMOBILE_1150_SERIES_PC_CARD-C043

also relevant, hermes 1 based chipset cards may have limited support for wpa using odyssey client 2.2 oem edition, however, the readme states 98/ME, but no mention of windows 95. i do not remember if i tried to install this / run it on windows 95. overall, i'm trying to assume a optimistic viewpoint that most of these wireless adapters that do work on windows 95 in just wep, can / and / or do support wpa in either a specific wpa client and / or specific firmware hacked / newer driver. the 2Wire Ruby ORiNOCO PC Card (1000-100016-002) card is hermes 1 based and i think supports windows 95, but it's a matter of finding WPA possibility. 

i don't know if it's me but i also noticed more stuff missing when i try to google search for them, either the manufacturer's / sites are getting rid of the files or it's a google issue? for example, i can no longer use one of these global ftp file search sites, with error 523? and i can no longer find "AirLancer_11Mbit_Win_95_SR02-2.1.zip", which appeared to be a working windows 95 driver, although for some reason, i could not get it to work when i did test it a while back, despite the package mentioning windows 95. i don't remember if the system files were NDIS3 or NDIS5, where NDIS3 would support windows 95 and NDIS5 doesn't. 

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In theory, we could try backporting WPA_SUPPLICANT to Windows 98. It launches on Windows 98, but does not work. The source code is available.


The problem is, none of us really know how to program wifi or wireless clients. I recall another user tried making a wireless client, but it apparently didn't work (detect wireless adapters) properly. He disappeared and MSFN crashed, so we lost the software...

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just as a heads up, based off the readme / release notes, odyssey client 2.20 oem was the first version to support wpa, so even if odyssey client 2.0 worked / installs on windows 95, it would be limited to wep. 

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